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IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce review

A popular service called IdentityForce is one of the leading identity monitoring services. A modern user faces diverse online threats that can put them out of humor if it deals with their finances. Identity theft is one of such killjoys. The good thing is that as soon as a new digital issue occurs, the IT specialists try to find a solution for identity theft protection.

What is IdentityForce?

IdentityForce software is the product of an American company. It ensures not only identity but also credit monitoring of individuals, governmental institutions, and businesses. Identity theft protection service is available all day long, seven days a week. The software of this service aims to prevent any identity theft. You get complete protection of your credit card details, keystrokes, and PINs.

Notably, the service alerts you right after any suspicious sign associated with theft occurs. What is more, IdentityForce provides you with proper support when the theft incident happens. Sure, this service is not the cheapest on the market. Yet, think about the following: if you are a victim of identity theft, the program covers the incident with a $1 million insurance. Besides, the support specialists will help you with the recovery procedure and restoration of your data.

Best for:

  • Many IdentityForce packages suit well for family or individual use. Families prefer such options as monitoring of the payday loans, address change, or court records.
  • Suitable for governmental institutions of a local, state, and federal level. 
  • The business owners will find IdentityForce a helpful tool. It offers keylogging and anti-phishing software so that you will not lose sensitive data due to suspicious websites.

IdentityForce Protection - one of the best id theft protection services

The List of Pros and Cons

IdentityForce has got many advantages compared to similar services on the market. Still, there are both pros and cons you need to know: 

Pros of the service:

  • Allows to monitor your cash loans quickly;
  • You get recovery help;
  • The pricing is transparent;
  • Diversity of packages;
  • The service alerts you in case of medical ID errors;
  • Protection against keylogging and phishing;
  • Offers $1 million insurance in case of the identity theft incident;
  • A mobile app is available;
  • Easy to use due to provide educational resources;
  • Mobile App.

Cons of the service:

  • No software against antivirus;
  • Family and business plans are not listed on the website, so you need to purchase these via phone.

Highlights of IdentityForce

  • Continuous monitoring of your financial information, credit details, and identity data 24/7;
  • Customer Service received the highest rate from Better Business Bureau;
  • $1 million insurance;
  • Free trial during 14 days;
  • Instant alerts.

IdentityForce Package Features Review

The official website of IdentityForce product presents two major packages: IdentityForce UltraSecure and IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit. Besides, there are also family and business packages. Also there are several worthy accolades in terms of features’ toolkit of IdentityForce. The most recent ones are Gold Globe Award (2019), People’s Choice Stevie Award (2019), Gold Stevie Award (2019). 

IdentityForce UltraSecure Review

The first plan is IdentityForce UltraSecurity. You can buy the package for a month or the entire year. A monthly plan will cost $17.95, while a yearly plan’s cost is $179.50. This plan provides you with 24/7 protection, and you will get all the alerts about suspicious activity. Besides, this package presupposes a $1 million insurance.

As for the features, UltraSecurity provides with the following ones:

  • Monitoring options – there are several monitoring features, including Fraud Monitoring, Dark Web Monitoring, Social Media Identity Monitoring, Court Records Monitoring, Change of Address Monitoring, Pay Day Loan Monitoring, Sex Offender Monitoring;
  • Control optionsOnline PC Protection Tools, Medical ID Fraud Protection, Lost Wallet Assistance, Two-Factor Authentication; besides, a mobile app is also available;
  • Alert options – the service will let you know that something is wrong through such options as Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts, Junk Mail Opt-out, Smart SSN Tracker, Fraud Alert Reminders, Identity Threat Alerts;
  • Recovery options – in case of any unpleasant incident concerned with identity theft, you get an insurance, Customer Service, and Fully Managed Restoration.

IdentityForce Package Features.

IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit Review

The second feature is IdentityForce UltraSecurity + Credit, and you can get either a monthly or yearly plan. The cost of the first one accounts for $23.95, while the cost of the second one is $239.50. When buying this plan, you also get insurance. 

What makes UltraSecure+Credit different from the first package are some extra features. These are as follows:

  • Bureau Credit Monitoring – using this plan, you can get quarterly credit reports and scores every quarter. Consider that most of the similar companies offer such reports once a year. You can have reports from any of the three provided bureaus, which are TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian;
  • Reports, Scores, Credit Score Trackers;
  • The Score Simulator – a feature that allows you to see how exactly getting a loan, credit card, or paying off credit will affect your current score.

IdentityForce for Business Review

Like the family package, a business plan is not presented on the official website. Still, there is a RapidResponse solution that suits the needs of any business person. The package helps in cases of a data breach when somebody steals your sensitive data. 

Remember that data breach in any business-related sphere is a threat not only for the business itself but for your clients and employees as well. While businesses differ, you may want to know about some extra options that correspond to your business sphere. In this case, a support manager can tell you more about a Business trial.

IdentityForce Features and Services

IdentityForce service helps you to check personal information and also get a detailed report about this sensitive data. The service gives notice via email or phone. For your convenience, you can split all the data into categories such as identity, credit, financial, and social.

I tested an UltraSecure+Credit package in parallel with other similar services for 2.5 months. First, the program applies the VantageScore 3.0 model with all the three bureaus and their credit reports to calculate the credit scores. Within the testing period, I received the alerts on the exceeded limit. In general, IdentityForce impressed us with its performance, especially compared to similar services.

IdentityForce, identity theft, identity theft protection

IdentityForce Review: Identity, Privacy, and Credit Monitoring

The core idea of identity theft protection is to check diverse personal data. The amount of monitoring options is stunning. These include the following:

Advanced Fraud Monitoring

IdentityForce gives you real-time and proactive notifications when banks, government agencies, auto dealers, or mortgage companies make a query of a credit report copy. A timely alert allows you to identify and stop some deceitful attempts to either increase a credit line or create a new account.

Change of Address Monitoring

In cases when USPS mail redirection happens without your authorization, the Change of Address option notifies you about this. There is a high possibility that swindlers access your financial documentation, such as credit card details, emails, or bills, after you change the physical address.

Court Records Monitoring

Court Records Monitoring collects information about the court and criminal records. Using this option, you can find out whether your identity became a target of any criminal.

Dark Web Monitoring

The option will clean hundreds of data sources, including chat rooms, various websites, or blogs, to find out whether your details are being sold anywhere on the Internet. Besides, the Dark Web Monitoring option provides you with the scans of such information as phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, bank accounts, and so on.

Payday Loan Monitoring

The option that lets you know about fast cash loans, incoming cash, or payday that were received utilizing a social security loan of yours.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Sex Offender Monitoring proceeds with a scrupulous search of the registered sex offenders so that you can know whether any criminal used your personal information on their own. Additionally, IdentityForce will notify you if any sex offender moves into or lives around your neighborhood.

Social Media Identity Monitoring

Using this option, you can track all your Google+ account, and all social media accounts for inappropriate posts or suspicious activity that seem to be violent, discriminatory, and even be an example of cyberbullying.

IdentityForce review: How Credit monitoring works.

IdentityForce Alert Features

IdentityForce Alert Features are concerned with all the types of alerts that the service offers you. There are several of these:

IdentityForceBank and Credit Card Activity

The option will inform you whenever the fiscal transactions surpass the determined limit. Moreover, you can detect any credit card or bank-related fraud.

Smart SSN Tracker

Smart Social Security Number (SSN) tracker alerts you in cases when a person with an unknown name, address, alias uses your SSN, as there is a high chance of a fraud. Considering the possible problems associated with SSN stealing, the option is beneficial.

Junk Mail Opt-out

While your wastebasket and mailbox can include some personal data details, Junk Mail Opt-out becomes in handy. The option finds your name in the popular and often used marketing databases, deletes your name. In such a way, you will not get the pre-approved offers from the credit card company anymore.

Identity Threat Alerts

The option notifies you every time there are some data breaches, and there is a high chance of personal information theft.

Fraud Alert Reminder

If you are eager to create a new credit line using your name, and you know that your identity is at threat, you should use this option. You can place all the fraud notifications on the existing credit file employing Fraud Alert Reminder to prevent potential future frauds.

Identity Force monitoring dashboard review.

IdentityForce Control Features

The control features help to protect you from frauds during your everyday life routine.

Medical ID Fraud Protection

Medical benefits are vital for many families, and it is good to know that only the members of your family are using these. The option helps to check all the statements and statuses related to your medical benefits.

Online PC Protection Tools

Modern users often prefer online shopping and banking. There is one big issue connected with sharing your details online, namely, malware. Online PC Protection Tools protects you online and act as anti-keylogging and-phishing software that ensures your safe shopping and banking. The option does not let malware steal your sensitive data, as well as keystrokes.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a simple way to strengthen your security. The options function the following way: after you enter your Login and Password, you get a code and must verify it. You receive your code via smartphone or email.

Lost Wallet Assistance

When someone stole your wallet, or you lost it, you can replace debit, credit, or ATM card or even cancel it via this Lost Wallet Assistance option.

Mobile App

Finally, you cannot but mention the availability of a mobile app. In most cases, people never part with their mobile phones. Thus, it is very convenient when you have quick access to any of your identity protection data using your smartphone.

IdentityForce mobile app review.

IdentityForce Recover Features

Generally, IdentityForce service is about making a customer satisfied. You must do something in case of an unexpected identity theft incident. Besides, it is twice as necessary for the company to make sure that you can restore the identity details. For that reason, there are several recovery options from IdentityForce.

  • Identity Theft Insurance $1 Million

IdentityForce service provides insurance that is enough to restore your lost wages and actual expenditures in cases of identity fraud.

  • Fully Managed Restoration

The service also offers service of Certified Protection Experts all day long, during the entire week. The specialists will help to restore your identity, complete all critical yet tedious paperwork, and make all necessary calls to simplify your life.

  • Toll-Free Customer Service

As for Customer Service, it is free and accessible 24/7. The team members will gladly assist you in any critical issue.

IdentityForce Features for Business

Even though you will not find a Business package on the official website, it is still available via phone. Diverse businesses demand different approaches and safety features. Nonetheless, some options are quite universal for various business spheres. 

  • RapidResponse

This feature is a useful data breach solution applied in situations when hacker steals your sensitive data. In business, the data breach is unacceptable for both parties – a business person and his or her clients. One breach can have destructive outcomes; thus, it is better to use identity theft protection and this particular feature.

  • Online PC Protection Tools

We talked about this feature before. Yet, it should be said that this specific feature is a must for every office where employees have to deal with computers and the Internet all the time. Many businesses that work online work with the sensitive data of the customers. So, you must be sure that no one will be a victim of cybercrime.

  • Junk Mail Opt-out

The feature named Junk Mail Opt-out is another essential option for you to consider. A human error often becomes a critical reason for malware. You cannot be sure that all the workers are responsible and careful. Use Junk Mail Opt-out to prevent identity theft.

It is worthy of mentioning that the non-profit organization named Better Business Bureau (BBB) granted IdentityForcewith a solid A+ due to the customer comments and excellent performance. Sure, there were some complaints from the clients. Yet, most of these were concerned with the troublesome subscription cancellation.

Ease of Use

The service is comfortable to work with. The interface is user-friendly. Even if you find it challenging to figure out what to do, the website provides the learning material that explains all the setup steps and how all the features function. As I was trying to install the program, I spent some 6-7 minutes on this. The setup process is rather simple, and you do not have to get some specific knowledge to do this.

IdentityForce dashboard is user-friendly, and you get used to it. Besides, if you want to work with a mobile app, you will be glad to know that both desktop and mobile versions are easy to use. Perhaps, it is due to a simple interface, but I found it comfortable in use. I consider the packages to be multi-featured and rather affordable. Besides, people can use if for family, personal, and business goals.

Ease of Use Identity Force services.

IdentityForce Support and Customer Service

The support of the program is considered to be of a high level. Even though I managed to set up the program , I still decided to contact the support team. To our surprise, I contacted the support team manager with no problems, and she quickly figured out how she can help us. Besides, one cannot but mention that IdentityForce received the highest mark for the stunning performance of the Customer support team. A satisfied customer is critical. And I stand by every word.

Besides, if there are any questions that you want to ask, you will get the answer for sure. Right after I paid to get my membership, I switched to a second page to add some personal details. Every time I get alerts about any identity fraud, I receive full information of the case from the moment I started to use the service.


After you have read the IdentityForce review, you should have understood that this service received its name as a first-class protection service for several reasons. First, there are more than enough of the features in terms of monitoring, control, alert, and recovery process. Second, the service is easy to use. The third positive impression is concerned with brilliant customer support. 

Even if the cost of the product is higher than the average one, you understand why you paid more from the first days of its exploitation. For that reason, I would recommend the IdentityForce service for those who want to use it either for personal needs or to protect the business.

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