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IdentityIQ Review 2022

IdentityIQ Identity Theft Protection.

Is IdentityIQ Any Good?

IdentityIQ is a user account and user access solution for centralized management of the user accounts and their access rights to information resources of an organization. In addition to the typical functionality for managing accounts and roles, it offers dynamic privilege distribution management. Such extensions of functionality can significantly increase the flexibility of access control, but this is not enough in cases where it is necessary to differentiate access to system objects in real-time, based on the context of the business task.

For companies that have reached a certain level of maturity, it is especially important to understand who has access to their information systems and how many resources are needed to manage such access. At this stage, organizations begin to show greater interest in the issues of control and management of access rights.

As of today, it has over 20,000 customers around the B2B sector. For businesses, it became the primary access system loaded with over 750 applications. One of the main benefits of the software is that it automates the management of request approval. It allows you to provision and deprovision the approval of the accounts automatically. Additionally, it is a great instrument for assessing review management and the processes of re-certification. For that reason, IdentityIQ offers immense help if you have to manage sizable amounts of data and make sure that it is entirely secure.

identityIQ Identity Theft Protection.

Main Pros and Cons

IdentityIQ Pros

  • Back-end and process and request workflow. They can manage the entire diversity of requests effectively. They are all delivered to the provisioner as a single request unit.
  • The system’s capacity and performance. It handles the scale that is necessary for the business. For example, it is possible to process hundreds of applications with tens of thousands of separate entitlements and over 10,000 of them per month.
  • Flexibility. IdentityIQ can adjust to the needs of the particular business without specific customization of the base. If the business requires changes, it extends the existing code instead of altering the base one.

IdentityIQ Cons

  • The user interface is rather complex. It is so due to the nature of the software; however, it is tough to use it intuitively. The user must be prepared or already familiar with IdentityIQ, as it does not have pop-up instructions of guides for a new user.
  • Some of the features you may need are available only in the higher-priced plans.

IdentityIQ Plans and Prices



IdentityIQ Protect Plan

$6.99 per month

IdentityIQ Protect Plus

$9.99 per month

IdentityIQ Protect Pro

$19.99 per month

IdentityIQ Protect Max

$29.99 per month

The range of pricing in the IdentityIQ is quite wide, so you can choose one according to the security needs of your business without having to pay for the features you will probably neglect. The cheapest plan is $6.99 per month, and the most expensive is $29.99 per month. Evidently, the higher the price range is, the more features it offers. However, every set of features is about the needs of the company rather than the quality of the suit. As a customer, you face a variety of options regarding your platform security management.

IdentityIQ Protect Plan – Your Identity Theft Savior

IdentityIQ Protect Plan.

It is the plan with the shortest list of features. The basic selection includes the monitoring of the Dark Web and the internet. With this plan, you can get notifications if your funds, if stolen, reimbursed up to $1 million. It covers personal and professional expenses for experts and lawyers.

The suite protects your data, namely, social security number and file-sharing network. It checks security alerts, monitors your account, and provides the synthetic protection of your ID. The program with this suite will assist you with lost wallets and provide the service of identity restoration. Finally, you can set the blacklists for junk mail and calls. If the basic set is sufficient for you, you can bet it for $6.99 per month.

IdentityIQ Protect Plus – Theft Insurance On the Go

The second option in the variety of plans is IdentityIQ Protect Plus. It has all the features that are available in the previous suite, along with extra ones. Plus plan has the additional feature of monitoring a single bureau daily. It monitors applications and sends IQ alerts if something goes wrong or the activity in them is suspicious. With the Plus suite, you can change the address you want to monitor and receive a credit report for the entire year. If you have only one bureau to monitor and need an annual credit report prepared for you, this option will suit and cost $9.99 per month.

IdentityIQ Protect Pro – Regular Credit Reports and Scores

IdentityIQ Secure Pro Login Page.

It is the next evolution of the feature sets in IdentityIQ. It has additional features and extensions to the ones above. Thus, with the Pro plan, there are 3 bureaus you can monitor daily. The specific feature available here is the system of alerts about the crimes committed under your name. The system will notify and alert you about any changes in the credit score. Finally, the software will prepare the credit report for you twice a year. Besides, it also has all the features from the previous suits, and some of them are enhanced here. This plan will cost you $19.99 per month.

IdentityIQ Protect Max – Best Option for Family Protection

IdentityIQ Secure Max.

It is the widest available suite of the IdentityIQ. The subscription for the Max plan gives you access to the simulator and tracker of your credit score any time you need it. It also has enhanced monitoring for 3 bureaus, and all the other benefits of the previous plans, and some of them are improved in the ultimate suit. With the Max plan, you can request the ID restoration and even then insurance for your family with $25,000. It has a feature of fraud restoration and will deliver your credit reports every month. The price of the Max plan is $29.99 monthly.

Main Features and Services

Most of the main features and services of IdentityIQ are included in the basic plans. In the plans with higher prices, they are all preserved and extended in some instances. The combination of the features and services presented in IdentityIQ allows you to manage your security and your data effectively and react immediately to any kind of identity or privacy threat. Besides, it provides an outstanding ecosystem for generating and managing reports on your finances regularly, so you can see the big picture of what happens with your security and your money. Here are the features that will help you preserve the security of your business.

Credit Report and Score Delivery


Enhanced Credit Monitoring


Dark Web Surveillance


Identity Protection


Application Monitoring


Identity Theft Insurance


Family Protection


Credit Reporting and Score Delivery

It is the feature that goes in every plan, yet is moderated in the more expensive ones. If you want to keep an eye on what happens with your credit score, you will enjoy this feature. IdentityIQ accesses the credit bureau of your choice (or three of them) and monitors the changes that happen to it. If anything happens, the security system gets you notified. Besides, depending on the plan that you use, you can request credit reports about the related account regularly from 1 to 12 times a year. The report will contain the performed activity within the chosen period and your credit score as of the completion of the document.

Credit Monitoring

This feature serves to track all the kinds of activity related to your credit. It prevents changes in it if you are not notified so that you will get the alerts on every move. The data that it tracks is information about your credit score, your billing address, your personal information. It tracks the security of your credit inquiries and the emergence of the new public records related to your credit. Also, it will acknowledge all the new judgments, possible loans, and credit accounts that have your name in it.

Based on the plan that you choose, you can track the activity in the three bureaus, namely, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. The software can give you up to 12 reports per year. If you have a plan with a single bureau monitoring, you can choose the bureau.

Enhanced Credit Monitoring

IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring.

It is a new level of credit monitoring, so you can react immediately if something goes wrong. You can see the changes in your credit score, even if they are performed from the authorized accounts. With the enhanced credit monitoring, you can track the actions:

  • An authorized or unauthorized person uses the card.
  • Someone goes over the limit on your card.
  • Your bank makes collections (except for medical ones).
  • Your card is lost or stolen.
  • There is a new charge on your card.
  • Your credit score is changed up or down by 10 points.

Basically, you can observe and get notified about any action with your credit account. Nothing is unnoticed.

Dark Web Monitoring

This feature software can help you with the part of the internet that is not commonly available via search engines. According to the security reports, major data breaches are happening there, which means that personal information can be hacked, exposed, and sold there, which is commonly a concern of financial and retail institutions. Thus, there are always chances that someone has your personal information from a password and email to the number of your social security.

IdentityIQ services include monitoring the dark web and sending you alerts. It only provides the information but does not act there, so you are acknowledged and able to fix it timely to all the cyber security threats.

Identity Protection

IdentityIQ guards the security of your identity. As you provide the personal data you want to track, it monitors the use and possible misuse of it. IdentityIQ tracks criminal records, both national and international, and the instances of the use of your Social Security number. The enhanced mode of identity protection allows tracking the alterations in the address you provided. Basically, it follows all the applications of your name as a person acting in credits, loans, utility billing, and phone registration. Anytime your name appears in such operations, you will get alerts, which includes the actions you perform and know about, as the testing showed.

Application Monitoring

One of the widespread kinds of scams is that the personal information stolen from you is used to create new financial accounts. You may not know when it happens. The application monitoring service will oversee all the instances of applying your personal information in loans, cell phone numbers, and credit requests. If any of those are made without you knowing, you can prevent it from happening.

Identity Theft Insurance

IdentityIQ Identity Theft Insurance.

You can prevent the theft of your identity, which is entirely possible in the technologically developed world. IdentityIQ monitors all kinds of identity thefts, complete and synthetic. If the identity theft is synthetic, the perpetrators take some of your data, such as Social Security number, and create a false identity with unrelated data. If you become a victim of such a crime, IdentityIQ provides the insurance of up to $1 million to cover the damage, such as funds from your account, expenses for the lawyer and other ones caused by the crime. The amount of insurance money depends on the plan you are using and the crime itself.

Family Protection

Apart from the insurance for your data, you can prevent the identity theft of your family members. In fact, children are susceptible to synthetic identity theft due to their lack of experience and media literacy. The Max plan of IdentityIQ includes insurance for children up to 24 years of $25,000 if the family member lives with you full-time.

Customer Support

IdentityIQ Customer Support.

Due to the nature of the services provided by IdentityIQ that deal with personal data, finances, and law, there is a huge team of simple support representatives, as well as financial and legal experts. Even though it takes some time to understand the interface of the program, you can address any question regarding your security to the supporting professionals. Just as a matter of testing, we asked the support team questions concerning the legal nature and our rights of identity protection, and then we received a response from an expert within two hours.

Final Verdict

IdentityIQ is a powerful tool to ensure the security of sensitive data for you, your family, and your business. It has a holistic approach to protection, which is why you will be informed if the slightest issue happens with your account. Besides, it has a wide variety of plans, so you can choose the one that fits your particular needs. Finally, there is a huge team of experts in the support service that are ready to react to your requests timely. Thus, peace of mind is worth the money.

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