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Kaspersky 2022 Antivirus Review

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Kaspersky Antivirus Offer.

Short Summary

Kaspersky Antivirus is a recognized and well-known brand that stands on the market for about 20 years. It includes many essential features for being an antivirus of your choice. Kaspersky doesn’t hang behind the leaders of the industry; it is a strong product on its terms.

Yet, the series of scandals and suspicions around Kaspersky’s name affects the overall trust of specialists and users. Reputation is something that takes decades for improvement. So, we wish Kaspersky to overcome the scandals and leave them in the past and never look back. 

Our review underlines that Kaspersky is a decent antivirus having solid malware and ransomware protection. Such good results derive from effective scanning options, while ease of use and interesting privacy features add to user experience and data protection. Moreover, the availability for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS under some packages is reasonable for multi-device protection seekers.

Kaspersky Antivirus in 2022: Pros and Cons

We like:
  • Updated antivirus database: the recognition of the latest threats and viruses.
  • Low impact on system performance: Kaspersky takes the least of your system’s memory and resources.
  • Free Kaspersky TDSSKILLER feature that will check your laptop or computer for rootkits and bootkits.
  • Kaspersky has a possibility for system optimization.
  • 30-days free trial plan for your consideration.
  • A paid subscription unlocks the list of extended features.
  • Excellent set of features in more expensive plans.
  • Ease of use and ease of changing plans
We don’t like:
  • The price for the highest plan subscription may seem a bit too much.
  • A limited set of features when buying the cheapest subscription.
  • The limited set of OS is supported by the cheapest plan (Windows only).
  • The bad reputation still haunts Kaspersky.
  • No 24/7 customer support.
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Kaspersky Security Features

Kaspersky Antivirus was rebranded.

Kaspersky Antivirus is Kaspersky’s entry-level and cheapest plan. The most prominent benefit of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus suite is real-time protection. Also, you can set different scans that will detect the malware and deal with it. 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus gives you baseline protection from all threats, including worms, rootkit, spam, phishing, and trojans. It is available for different platforms but has its limits. If you wish full coverage and security, then it is better to check out more advanced plans that the company offers you.

To examine its degree of protection, we did some tests of features and scans’ work and compared them with the leading lab test results. The latter refers to AV-Comparatives, SE-Labs, and AV-Test. Notably, each of them indicates the high quality of Kaspersky software’s protection and performance.

Malware Protection 

We can consider Kaspersky one of the leaders of malware protection. It demonstrates the least cases of false positives shown in independent tests. We run our tests, with a folder with malware samples and see if Kaspersky can recognize them and block these samples. So far, it managed to detect and block almost 90% of the samples

Kaspersky assures real-time protection with its scan options that you can run any time. We recommend you not to skip mandatory and regular scans, from full scan to daily quick scan of your PC. Its File Antivirus saves your computer file system from any infections, it runs upon startup of the OS and remains working in the computer’s RAM. Files antivirus will scan each file on your system, whether it is open, saved, or launched on your device.

Specifically, there is a Quick Scan, which is not only fast but effective. It managed to mark all the threats our computer had and succeeded in having no false alarms. Simultaneously, we tried the Full Scan, and it was as well pretty fast and performed the scan in the background. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the Custom Scan is another option. It is designed for users who know which category needs special attention.

In the end, the scanning possibilities of Kaspersky antivirus proved to be powerful. Such a fact underlines the antivirus’s reliability and efficiency before its competitors, though not all of them.

Kaspersky uses the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) cloud and heuristic algorithms. It means that your PC or laptop is protected from threats that are not yet listed in the malware database. Kaspersky identifies suspicious and unusual behavior even before it can detect the threat. 

Kaspersky shows high results in malware detection, block, and removal from the SE-Labs test. Yet, it struggled in AV-Comparatives performance, showing a 99.1% result. We are more than thrilled for more updates in the upcoming 2020 tests by the most famous labs. 

Kaspersky malware protection detects vulnerabilities in the system and recovers already damaged files. It can detect USB key-based malware and prevent the attack from being done in a matter of seconds. 

Kaspersky Malware Protection, Kaspersky Lab report.

Ransomware Protection 

You may know that ransomware is one of the most pestering types of viruses. It is a Trojan that modifies your data, steals it, and then demands the ransom. Often these stories don’t end up well unless you are Liam Neeson in the Taken series. 

Kaspersky offers ransomware protection, both included in the plan subscription and as a separate free tool. Kaspersky promises that their ransomware tool is GDPR ready, and you can trust it with your data. superior quality is the characteristic of rolex rolex milgauss copy. the modern design of cheap usa replica rolex day date mens m128348rbr 0008 rolex calibre 2836 2813 gold tone under $54 is fantastic.

Ransomware tools can block both local and remote attempts to encrypt your data. Regardless of where the attack comes from, you can be sure that nobody will steal your data.

It is compatible with other antivirus software and works without interruption if Kaspersky weren’t your first solution. We believe it is quite a milestone for such a company to create a tool that can be used with other brands. Kaspersky anti-ransomware detects, blocks, and removes not only the malware but also crypto-miners software, including adware, pornware, and riskware objects.

As an application component, ransomware detection is also based on recognizing suspicious code behavior. For instance, Kaspersky immediately blocks the app when ransomware tries to encrypt or change the system registry. It uses the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) cloud services and heuristic algorithms, the technologies that update and prevent applications yet unrecognized in the database to make any changes. 

Phishing Protection

Phishing is one of the most likely scenarios that can occur to you when you don’t expect it. Identity and data theft are the major outcomes of phishing, and malicious links opened on your computer. 

Kaspersky has a strong anti-phishing component built-in advanced plan subscriptions. It protects your online presence from phishing (the ones that steal your data) and malicious (the ones that have malware) links. Kaspersky uses the last updated database of phishing and malicious web addresses. You won’t get in the trap of newly emerged websites with malware. 

Kaspersky’s anti-phishing will scan the messages for these phishing and malicious links while analyzing the message subject, contents, design features, and other attributes that can contain dangerous code. This scan also uses the heuristic algorithm, the technology that detects threats that weren’t added to antivirus databases. It analyzes the object’s behavior and provides the system with a report.

The component also uses KSN cloud services for updating the information about the resources, files, and software. The anti-phishing tool can delete, allow, or move the email to the junk folder according to your decision. You can always enable or disable anti-phishing protection of your mailbox and browser. But, we recommend having it enabled always.

After the check, Kaspersky updates you on the message status either by giving it a status “Phishing” or “Clean.” Additionally, you can mark messages with malicious and phishing links with special tags, which can help the system to predict the pattern of these incoming emails. 

Kaspersky lab phishing protection, Kaspersky for Windows, Kaspersky Lab Settings.

Kaspersky Password Manager

As an active online and offline user, you know that the security of your passwords means the world. Whether it is the password from your YouTube account or the admin panel on your website, you should take all necessary steps to prevent password theft by malware.

Kaspersky Password manager comes in a package of Kaspersky Total Security; you can access it from its interface or install it separately. Kaspersky Password Manager offers a cross-platform synchronized experience when you can manage the passwords of your desktop computer, notebook, and other devices simultaneously. Pay attention that if there are multi-platforms, you have a Manager installed for different OS. 

The benefit of having a password manager is a secure online and offline experience of yours. Kaspersky Password Manager helps you to create hack-resistant passwords, store them without the risk of a data breach, and manage them. Each of your devices will have a database that secures passwords and other data from private notes to autofill fields on websites.

Kaspersky Password Manager.


Kaspersky VPN

Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN shows great results in keeping your safe online presence. It is quite easy to use for those who are not tech savvies and provides decent and steady VPN basics. 

Kaspersky Secure Connection is powered by Hotspot Shield and offers a limited range of locations, which may be a bit of a turn-off for those who want a wider variety. Another big concern associated with VPN service may be the overall reputation of Kaspersky and surveillance scandals surrounding it. Still, the Kaspersky VPN extension and VPN service doesn’t have as much access to your data and files but rather creates an extra layer of privacy and serves to avoid hacker attacks. 

Kaspersky Security Connection VPN is automatically enabled when you join an unsecured or untrusted network, but it is also up to you, whether it should happen by default. The speed of the service is rather decent but not outstanding. 

It comes for various platforms, and usually, you get one in the package, but you also may consider using it separately. 

Kaspersky Safe Money 

Online banking and payment systems are a must-have for every user nowadays. Without serious caution, you may experience serious financial loss or data breaches. 

Kaspersky Safe Money component works as an enhancer of your online banking or payment system security levels. 

Safe Money starts to work as soon as you enter your online banking profile. The component checks whether the online banking or payment system is authentic and prevents you from using fake websites. Kaspersky Safe Money ensures that the website page addressed against the updated database of financial institution websites, which is continuously maintained by Kaspersky engineers.

Safe Money component will offer to enable itself as soon as you are entering the payment system or banking and never stores any personal data. We recommend using this feature for secure online banking and payment operations for avoiding unwanted intrusion of hackers or malware codes. 

Kaspersky Safe Money also serves as an extra layer of protection from phishing and malware websites that can steal your data and all credentials. It looks for system vulnerabilities and cautions you if there is something critical for your online banking operations. At the same time, Kaspersky secures your Clipboard data and offers unauthorized screenshot capture, powered by Hypervisor, DirectX, and OpenGL technologies. 

Kaspersky Antivirus Lab Tests

Kaspersky antivirus solution is not shy from major lab tests; they are proud of being part of the independent testing. We also encourage the readers to look at the different tests and their results for making an informed decision as a result. 

Kaspersky scored 6 out of 6 in all categories made by AV-Test, and these results are steadily high for quite some time. Kaspersky showed the highest results in malware detection, block, and removal from the SE-Labs October-December test. Still, Kaspersky didn’t do great in AV-Comparatives that showed 99.1% result, which is not that great in comparison to other brands. 

Our tests showed that there are no major issues with malware detection, block, and removal, with few or none cases of false positives in comparison to other tested brands. We will look up new tests and updates from leading labs and update the article as soon as news arrives.

Kaspersky Antivirus Pricing and Packages: How Much Does Kaspersky cost?

Plan 3 devices 5 devices 10 devices
Anti-Virus $29.99 $39.99 Not available
Internet Security $39.99 $44.99 Not available
Total Security Not available $49.99 $74.99


Different plan subscriptions offer a varied range of available features. Of course, you will not get the full package in the trial version; neither will you be fully satisfied with the basic plan subscription. At the same time, it depends on your needs and budget to make a final decision. 

We appreciate the availability of Kaspersky plan subscriptions, even without getting too deep into comparison with other brands. The price for the year is a secure deal, after all. The price varies due to the possibility of connecting and cover more devices under one license. 

We can include Kaspersky in the category of middle-market solutions for your computer. 

Kaspersky Free Version Review

It is hard to expect a lot from a free version of any product. Yet, Kaspersky manages to show good results in this category. Kaspersky Free Antivirus has the same detection engine that other products have. So, it is good at combating malware and other unwanted attacks on your computer and data. 

Kaspersky Free Version helps you to get rid of malicious tools, adware, auto-dialers, suspicious packages, and detect other unwanted software before it manages to harm your hardware and OS. You can choose this option when installing the software on your computer. Notably, the antivirus free versions usually include file, web, instant messaging, network, and email scanners. But you are limited in customizing the settings.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate through. It offers everything the free version can give you. Of course, the program will offer you extended options and features after some time. All packages of Kaspersky come in a one-year subscription. The big turn down is the lack of independent lab testing, advanced scanning options, and some other options.

Kaspersky Antivirus Free Dashboard.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review

It is an entry-level package offered by Kaspersky, which means that it is baseline protection with extended perks for you. Of course, the set of features is more impressive. Still, it will ask you to upgrade the suite if you wish to save countless passwords or have a more quick VPN connection. 

With it’s a clean and user-friendly interface, Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides you with password manager (limited to 15 login credentials), Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN service, and the possibility to connect 3 to 10 devices. 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus searches for system vulnerabilities, offers you phishing and spyware protection, and helps you with cleaning the storage space. Also, you can control your internet traffic with the special tools provided by Kaspersky Anti-Virus. 

Kaspersky databases will be updated automatically, and you will have the possibility to customize your experience of using the program. 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Settings.

Kaspersky Internet Security Review

This antivirus solution offers extra features that are not included in free or Anti-Virus suites. It is not an impressive upgrade, but we must admit that different tier suites are quite handy for those who lookup for these specific components and nothing more. 

Kaspersky Internet Security has limited parental controls and hardened web browser security. It includes a web camera stream, online payments, internet connection protections from any threat associated with these specific operations. It blocks banner ads and prevents data collection from third party websites. 

At the same time, Kaspersky Internet Security offers you timely updates and helps to detect and remove unused applications that might slow down your computer performance. Moreover, it has a two-way firewall and detects any attempts to hijack your inbuilt microphone, keyboard, and webcam, blocking the recordings or attacks.

It is a good option for active internet users and people who are associated with streaming or gaming work. Your online presence is safe with Private Browsing and Safe Money modes. 

Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Lab interface.

Kaspersky Total Protection Review

Kaspersky Total Protection adds the features of backup and data encryption that are taken quite seriously. Keep in mind that all mentioned features of Private Browsing, Safe Money, webcam, keyboard, and microphone protection, parental control are included in this suite. The extra layers presented in Kaspersky Total Protection are suitable for those who value their online and especially offline computer experience. 

As well as the previous suite, it covers different OS and platforms. You can also pick the number of devices you wish to connect and cover. 

Total Security is more sophisticated with data cleanup and OS optimization, helping you to manage your computer within several clicks of Kaspersky Total Security home screen. Its parental controls offer Safe Kinds mode that covers 10 devices as a family plan.

The only aspect of this suite that might not appeal to you is its price. Another con of the suite is the lack of hosted storage for online backup, and we hope that Kaspersky will look up to these aspects and take measures to provide their users with higher quality products. Still, we wouldn’t say it is a bad suite option for you and your family.

Kaspersky Total Security.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Review

It would be appropriate to define Kaspersky Security Cloud as a new system (or separate suite if you wish) for your multiple devices, with a broader amount of devices that can be connected to it. Security Cloud protects and focuses on your internet connection and online payments, covers webcam, microphone, and keyboard safety protects your privacy online and offers advanced parental control mode. It also monitors your computer hard drive performance and state, checks for vulnerabilities and potential data leaks, and helps you to get rid of unwanted applications.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is not different from other suites. It offers you malware protection, advanced password manager, secure connection, Safe Money mode, and a possibility to check Mobile protection from the desktop version. Overall, it is a perfect tool to keep your hard drive alive and kicking. It is also beneficial for those who have a large family or variety of devices they want to cover and track any time from the desktop screen.

Kaspersky LAb cloud, Kaspersky Malware protection.

Kaspersky for Mobile Protection: Android and iOS protection

Kaspersky anti-virus for Android.

It is quite convenient to manage your multi-platform coverage within the desktop version, and we appreciate this perk of Kaspersky, with all its convenience and ease of use. The biggest pro of this decision, to have a package that connects your devices, is the fact that you can track your phone any time and prevent it from hacking if it is stolen. 

Both iOS and Android are working decently and diligently. On the other hand, we found out that both versions offer a quite limited set of features, which may disappoint many users who expect the top-notch experience from having Kaspersky on their phone. 

Both versions have parental control features, call identificators, a secure connection (for Android) and Safe Browser (for iOS), and QR scanner that will block malicious codes from getting to your phone stored data. 

If iOS is a constant reason for battling and arguing whether it needs an antivirus, Android needs blocker and malware protection. If you consider having parental controls and password managers, then you should look to Kaspersky’s offer for your phone.

The malware detection and removal worked best on Android, while with iPhone, it wasn’t as obvious, and there were several false positives. Call filtering is also not as concerning for iOS as for Android, so one bonus point specifically for this feature on Android. 

Overall, Kaspersky Mobile suites are doing good work, and if you decided to have a suite, it is better to connect your devices under one brand. 

Ease of Use 

Kaspersky managed to develop an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and deal with. You don’t have to be a specialist to understand what exactly you need to do to provide secure your device. Kaspersky doesn’t need any extra knowledge and has quite a comprehensive article collection on their support website. 

The customization (available in paid suites) also allows you to ease your experience. You have to pick up settings and set the preferable options for comfortable use, from notification options to regular scans.

The updates and other scheduled operations wouldn’t pester you with any required additional questions if you defined their settings previously. If you are a gamer, the pop-up notifications are not bothering you and your streams but run on the background. 

All needed information can be found on the home screen and checked for your convenience. The real-time protection doesn’t interfere with your computer performance or interrupt important tasks you are working on. 

Customer Support 

Kaspersky: antivirus, highlights

You can choose from the start what department of support team do you need to resolve your matter. Indeed, it is a clever division to divide the team into different subdivisions of responsible specialists who will know the answer for sure. On the contact page, you can choose what help do you need, based on your suite.

You have several options, to roam the Knowledge Base and find an appropriate article or to contact the support directly via chat, ticket system, or call them. Notably, Kaspersky offers several languages for support. 

You can use the following numbers:

  • 1-877-232-4588 (consumer)
  • 17812661391(tech)
  • 18663234801 (business products)
  • 844-678-4587 (msa support)

Kaspersky also encourages you to contact support via Social Media (which is nice, because it means the team can react to different queries related to the product) and join the forum if you wish to share your experience with other users. 

We contacted the support, and of course, the chat was one of the most convenient and quick ways to find the resolution for our query (note that the chat option is not available 24/7). The support is polite and ready to help you any time. 



It is safe to use; however, there is ban on its usage within governmental structures. We all remember the scandal and restriction of Kaspersky’s usage on the US territory in 2017. Overall, Kaspersky products were banned from using its software by federal agencies, and this court decision is still not set aside by the company. The situation itself remains unclear because company specialists claim that all malware detected is sent for investigation, and classified information wasn’t used for any malicious purpose. 

Still, the decision didn’t affect the users and businesses that use Kaspersky products. However, the company’s trust and credibility dropped significantly after the allegations. We wouldn’t make any allegations and claim that we know for sure that Kaspersky is working as an agent for the government.

We ask our readers to trust their intuition and make the best decision for them. So far, the obscure situation wasn’t affecting the common users.

Kaspersky Installation

  1. You can see Kaspersky’s ease of use in the installation process. It takes roughly minutes to manage all settings and then allow the software to install its components on your device. Of course, it is better to check whether the software is compatible with your system and close all applications during the installation process.
  2. Click on the icon and run the installer, then read the agreement and click continue if you are ok with the terms. It will take several moments before the components are ready to be installed. 
  3. Kaspersky Lab installation process. We recommend choosing by default deletion of malicious tools, adware, auto-dialers, and suspicious packages and detection of other software that can be used by hackers after the installation.
  4. Kaspersky Lab Installation Process.The software is ready to work and serve you. If you wish to purchase another suite, continue on the official website and follow the easy instructions in the program.

Kaspersky Antivirus FAQ

Kaspersky Antivirus Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for good alternatives to Kaspersky Antivirus? We can help you:

Does Kaspersky have free and trial versions?

Yes, Kaspersky Anti-Virus has a free version that can be served as a trial version before you decide to make a purchase. All other suites have trial versions that can be used as a demo version. After some time, the free version will ask you to update it to a more advanced version.

How much does Kaspersky antivirus cost?

Kaspersky cost depends on the suite you pick up for usage. The cost will also depend on the number of devices you wish for linking under the license. For instance, the price for one device on Antivirus will cost from $39.95 per year, Internet Security, from $41.95 per year, and Total Security, from $59.95 per year.

Is Kaspersky safe in 2022?

Kaspersky shows great results in malware protection and other additional features presented in more advanced suites. It works as it should, being one of the most well-known brands on the market. It is safe in terms of data protection and security leaks.

Does Kaspersky spy on you?

There is no definite answer, and if you have a specific bias after the situation in 2017, it would be hard to change your mind. There were no cases or reports associated with businesses, enterprises, or single users regarding Kaspersky unauthorized data collection and spying on its customers.

Kaspersky User Reviews

We aspire to provide fair and educational reviews for the users. Thus, we are more than welcome to hear your observations based on your experience. In this regard, we follow certain principles in the verification of the user’s posts or reviews. Our guidelines pursue the following: equal treatment and honesty; non-abusive and non-hateful content; absence of conflict of interests and false accusations. We kindly ask you to follow these requirements when posting your objective reviews

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  • Michele Wilkins says:

    You need to update the pricing listed on your review of Kaspersky. I probably will switch to it, but the pricing you list is closer to initial discount pricing than regular pricing.

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    • Moderator says:

      Hello Michele,

      As you have not used Kaspersky yet, you can benefit from introductory prices they offer for the new users. You can get the package of your choice here. If you need to renew, just go to the renewal center. Pricing for the existing customers really is higher.

  • Rachel S. Johnson says:

    Does Kaspersky have a mobile version?

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    • Moderator says:

      Yes, you can get a special version for mobile devices. It comes in the software package that you subscribe to.

  • Stairwaytoheaven says:

    The software suite is good all around. I think that the price is justified. This is one of the best solutions on the market in the end.

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    Rating 5/5

  • Erika says:

    The iPhone version is very slow. Can’t use my phone.

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    Rating 3/5

  • Jerry says:

    Kaspersky is like a virus hunter. The program seeks and destroys all sorts of viruses. They have a reputation and it is all true!

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    Rating 5/5

  • Liana says:

    I’ve purchased this program with a discount. Have no complaints!

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