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TotalAV Review 2024

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Total AV antivirus is (relatively speaking) a new kid on the block with computer security. It appears to be a decent antivirus due to its numerous features, security, and affordability. The latest tests underline its convincing malware detection, while the ease of use and excellent interface make it pleasant for any user.

In this TotalAV review, we’ll go deep into Total AV functionality and advice for whom it is the right tool.

Total AV Antivirus Review 2024: Is TotalAV Good and Safe to Use?

In fact, Total AV antivirus is an efficient tool that can be trusted. It protects well and shows sounding results. TotalAV grants reliable protection recognized by leading cybersecurity actors and offers functions a new user can enjoy.

However, why is Total AV better than other brands like McAfee or Norton? What piece of protection is determining in picking the best option? Is it a reasonable price or a useful feature?

Notably, Total AV has great prices and features, even though not all of them are advanced enough. Of course, the competitors’ better results may be one of the obstacles before Total AV becomes an antivirus leader. Still, the difference is not vivid, and the determining factor here is the quality-price ratio.

The Total AV brand offers a free version that will protect your device by scanning and detecting threats. For many, it is a significant advantage. The antivirus has the 30-day money-back guarantee option, along with the 80% off deal (only $19 per year instead of $29), making this decent antivirus software even more appealing.

In this TotalAV review, we will delve into the functionality of Total AV and consult who this is the right tool for. In this review, there is also a description and useful properties of viagra for erectile dysfunction treatment. Everything is described in more detail on this website.

Let’s dig in a bit deeper than most Total AV antivirus reviews do and find out why it’s definitely worth a try.

Pros and cons

There are plenty of pros to like about Total AV software and a few cons to dislike. Let’s first take a look at the positives for this antivirus solution:

We like:
  • Very low learning curve (efficient even if one knows nothing about protection)
  • Free version (with limited feature set)
  • You won’t notice it running.
  • Plenty of extra features
  • Versions for Windows, macOS, and Android
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Recognized protection from viruses and malware, nice duplicate scanner, reliable VPN
We don’t like:


  • No trial for the Pro version
  • Limited to 6 devices per license (for the Total Security version)
  • Web Shield only works for Firefox and Chrome browsers
  • Interface, despite being great, only has a “dark mode”
  • Doesn’t protect against rootkits


As you can see, the pros and cons are pretty equal. However, security and protection matters here, and these categories surely give an advantage to Total AV software. When we say recognized protection, we mean the results and awards of the assessment giants like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives.

In fact, AV-Comparatives lists Total AV as steadily improving its ability to catch malware (going from 97.8% between Feb/March 2020 to 98.5% between Feb/May 2020). From that same site, Total AV was awarded a gold star for Real-World Protection and two gold stars for Performance.

Best for

  • Fans of discounts: the mentioned 80% off deal applies when you buy one of the 1-year packages (still, the price rises after auto-renewal)
  • Users with one or more devices (no more than six) with multiple operating systems
  • Users who want an incredibly easy-to-use interface
  • Users with Windows machines ranging in performance from low to powerful
  • Users who need simple antivirus protection from viruses and malware

Highlights of Total AV

  • Quick scan or system scan options.
  • Smart scan aimed at keeping the PC free from junk
  • Password vault is relatively easy to use
  • Doesn’t inundate the user with too many features
  • The interface is one of the best in the market
  • Quarantined files are easy to view and manage
  • Checks whether the passwords have been stolen

Features of Total AV

Money back Guarantee
Real-time Antivirus
Manual Virus Scanning
USB Virus Scan
Registry Startup Scan
Auto Virus Scanning
Scheduled scan
Threat type
Chat/IM Protection
Adware Prevention
Ease of use
Extra features
Personal Firewall
Parental Controls
Gamer Mode
VPN Service
Smartphone Optimizer
Device Tune-up
Safe browser
Live Help
Phone support
Ticket support


Reliability & Security

Total AV Antivirus Protection.

Considering Total AV has only been around since 2016, that’s not a long time in the computer protection business. But in that short time, Total AV antivirus has managed to become a serious player in the market.

Before all, the Total AV has a real protection feature. What does it mean? The program is always working in the background to protect you and your data. That’s one area where Total AV shines. With a real-time file scanner, Total AV software works in the background to scan for files, all the while taking a minimal hit on the PC’s performance. 

Besides, from the list of antivirus solutions I’ve tested, Total AV ranks near the top of the least intrusive solutions. That translates to you only knowing Total AV is there when it discovers something it doesn’t like.

How does Total AV stand up to the task? To answer this question, I compared leading lab tests’ results and made some in-house tests related to malware, ransomware, and phishing. In particular, I have used an Amtso Phishing Test and checked how such features as Web Shield work.

Let’s take a look at subsequent sections of our Total AV review for more.

Lab test results

Total AV has been put through the standard test for antivirus software solutions. The results were actually quite surprising for a software solution this young. In fact, given how we’ve seen other solutions fail at multiple tests, we were shocked that the Total AV test came out so well

Notably, the antivirus succeeds in getting awards from the leading independent labs. It was recently marked as the TOP Product by Av-Test, while Virus Bulletin recognized the Total AV cybersecurity efforts within their established standards.

Total Av improvement.

Here is the chart of how the test results of the brand improved over the last two years.

Malware protection

One of the most important types of protection you’ll want on your computer is from malware threats. Why? Because malware is one of the top threats computer users face. According to ExpertInsights.com, malware is second only to Phishing attacks in the number (accounting for 90% of breaches). It is a significant reason for having such a cybersecurity program as Total AV.

Malware attacks are so prevalent because they come in many forms. Malware encompasses threats like trojans and viruses—any attack that makes use of malicious software to exploit your operating system or the desktop apps you use.

Total AV did a remarkable job catching malware from both viruses and trojans.

Not only did Total AV catch the extracted EICAR malware test program, but it also caught the zipped file containing the program. Even better, Total AV antivirus gives the user some options on what to do with any malicious files it finds with its smart scan. From the Selection Action drop-down, you can pick:

  • Quarantine
  • Delete
  • Whitelist
  • None

This is an excellent feature for when the software comes up with a false-positive that you know isn’t malicious. You can then Whitelist that file, and Total AV will never tag it as malicious again. Of course, you’ll want to be very careful when whitelisting files.

The last AV-test.org report evaluated it as the TOP Product, thanks to the brand’s near-ideal Protection efficiency and high-level Performance results. Total AV ranked 100% in detecting widespread and prevalent malware in July and August, respectively (with 13,571 samples used). The same site found Total AV was just above the industry average with a 98.7% rate in protecting against 0-day malware attacks. It includes both web and email threats.

As a result, we are sure that Total AV offers quality malware protection.

Ransomware detection

Ransomware is actually one of the most challenging threats within cybersecurity. Such an attack aims to encrypt your data in a way that you cannot view it, copy it, save it, or recover it. Once infected, it’s very hard to recover your precious data without paying for the decryption key. 

The most common method of ransomware attacks is via embedded email links or downloads from suspicious sites. For such threats, we tested some of the security features by Total AV. What we were pleased with is the Web Shield feature. Being an addition to Chrome and Firefox, it significantly improved their security when we tested the particular feature. 

The reason behind its work is the blacklisting feature combined with the AI design helps to detect viruses. What may be great for the user is that it costs no additional funds. 

For your proper protection, we advise you to have WebShield enabled, as well as Automatically enable Total AV WebShield at the system start. This way, even an inexperienced user can Block ‘Low Trust’ websites and Block Cryptomining URLs.

In general, WebShield will block access to rogue websites that attempt to gather personal information and/or install malicious software onto your computer. It is to guarantee you safe browsing.

Having good results in malware detection (which includes some of the ransomware as well) and real-time protection, we can say Total AV has pretty-sounding security features compared to other antiviruses.

Total Av antivirus malware protection.

Phishing protection

Phishing scams are attacks made by scammers that attempt to trick you into giving out your personal information, bank account numbers, passwords, and credit card details.

We ran the Amtso Phishing Test to check Total AV’s ability to detect such an attack. This particular test is quite famous for testing antivirus software against a number of attack types. Unfortunately, even with Total AV WebShield enabled, it failed the Amtso Phishing test. 

However, it’s not the end of the world. The problem with Phishing attacks is that they are constantly evolving and improving with every iteration. Because of that, part of the onus is on the end-user. Of course, any gives you a certain level of protection; still, you should always use your computer with an eye toward caution.

One of the best things you can do is hover your cursor over email links to make sure they are what they say they are. If you’re reading an email from MSNBC and there’s a link over it to make sure the link actually takes you to an MSNBC site. It really is that simple.

Scanning options

You probably wonder why Total AV is so great at malware detection. One should thank its smart scans. Scanning is another area where Total AV antivirus shines. The simplicity of scanning your system couldn’t be any easier. The user has a Quick Scan, System Scan, or Custom Scan. A Quick Scan only scans files in your user directories, files you have downloaded, saved, and created. 

It’s generally a faster scan but does depend on how much data you have saved to your user directory. If you have quite a large amount of files and folders, the Quick Scan can take some time. Our scans took from 8 to 10 minutes. If, however, you have a few to an average number of them, the Quick Scan needs minutes.


Total Av antivirus system scan.

The System Scan, on the other hand, can take quite a while, as it scans every file and folder on your computer. This is the type of scan you launch at the end of the day, and hope it’s finished by morning. Simultaneously, System Scan is definitely worth your attention because of its deep analysis and low impact on the system. For instance, McAfee, Norton, and Kaspersky scans exerted some pressure on the PC during the test and interfered with the work of some processes.

Thus, we believe it’s your best bet at ensuring nothing has modified system files on your computer. 

When Total AV completes the scan, it will allow you to easily quarantine any malicious files it discovers. It’s always smart to quarantine any file unless you are sure it is safe. If you don’t quarantine a suspect file, that file will be included in the next scan.

Like most good antivirus solutions, Total AV allows you to schedule scans. This is done from within the Scan Settings page, where you can set the date and time of the type of scan you want to run, and even the types of files you want to scan.

The only bit of confusion might be the file types to scan. The options are:

  • All – scans all known file types
  • Smart – scans the entire system for issues and compiles them into individual reports. This type of scan includes files found on the Desktop, Startup, Browser, Folders, Cookies, and Cache
  • Custom – allows you to select from a large number of file types, including 602, 7z, cpl, csv, dll, doc, dot, dotx, egt, epub, ex$, pages, pdf, ppt, ps1, rar, rpt, rtf, text, txt, u3p, vbs, zip, and many other.

Once you’ve selected a file type, make sure to choose a time frame when you won’t be using your computer. Although Total AV doesn’t require too much of your system resources to run a scan, if you’re using your computer for something that is resource-intensive (such as games, streaming video, or number-crunching), you might notice the hit. So set the scan up for a time after you go to sleep. 

Also, out of the box, Total AV sets those scheduled scans to run weekly. You should seriously consider changing that to Fortnightly (daily). Why? Because you are always saving files to your drive. You don’t want to accidentally save a malicious file to your drive, only to have to wait for Total AV to run its scan in a few days.

Of course, when in doubt, run a manual scan. Fortunately, Total AV integrates with your file manager, so all you have to do is locate the file or folder in question, right-click it, and select Scan With Total AV. The scan will run and report back if anything malicious or suspicious is found.

There’s also the Real-Time scan (which is an additional feature to purchase, depending on the version of Total AV you buy). The Real-Time scan will scan for malicious files as they come into your computer. The second you attempt to save a file from an email, Total AV will review it and let you know if it’s safe. This real-time protection is invaluable.

Additional features

Total AV offers a number of additional features, some of which are free and some of which require an additional cost (more on this in a bit). Some of these features you should definitely consider using, while others you can skip. 

The features you should consider making use of include the following:

Total AV Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Total AV VPN is an additional feature that you can use either under the Internet Security or Total Security version of Total AV. The Total AV VPN works to not only hide your internet traffic but encrypt it. For anyone who transmits sensitive information, that’s a must.

With the Total AV virtual private network, you can choose your VPN location (from a long list of countries). All you have to do is select your country and click Connect. Once connected, Total AV will keep track of the time you’ve spent on the VPN and how much data has been transferred. By doing so, we managed to access Spanish Netflix and see some films. As a result, there was a decrease in speed. Still, it did great within its ultimate goal.

Total AV antivirus VPN feature.TotalAV Password Manager

Another feature one can consider is the Password Vault. Once again, this is a paid service, so it’s up to you if you use it or not. However, the use of a password manager should not be considered optional.

What is a password manager? Simple: A password manager makes it possible for you to secure all of your passwords in an encrypted file that only requires a single password to access. This way, you can use solid passwords (that you cannot memorize) for your apps and services. When you need one of those passwords, you simply open the password manager, type your master password, search for the service, and copy the password.

Password Vault of Total Av software.

As with most good password managers, the Total AV Password Vault includes a password generator. This tool will generate a strong, random password that you can then use for new password entry. This is a feature you should always be using.

Total Av Password for Firefox.

By utilizing a password manager, you can rest assured that your passwords are strong and considerably harder to crack. Moreover, there is a Password Assistant available for usage within Chrome and Mozilla browsers, making it very convenient for the user. It saves time and effort.


I wrote about already and this is another Total AV feature one should consider a must-have. WebShield will block access to rogue websites that attempt to gather personal information and/or install malicious software onto your computer. It is to guarantee you safe browsing.

One nice feature Total AV has included with WebShield is the ability to whitelist websites. You might find, on occasion, Total AV tags a website as malicious. If this happens and you know the website in question isn’t rogue, you can add that website to the whitelist, which means Total AV will no longer scan it and consider it a malicious site.

Notification options

Although this isn’t a feature that will protect you, it’s nice that Total AV has included it in the package. With Notification Settings, you can determine what Total AV informs you of. The available options are:

  • When an Antivirus scan is started/finished
  • When WebShield blocks a web page
  • When the Password Vault locks
  • When a VPN connects/disconnects
  • When your computer connects to an insecure Wi-Fi network

There is also an option to be notified of Total AV marketing material and a silent mode when an application is in fullscreen (such as when you’re watching a video, and you don’t want it to be interrupted by a notification). 

These options can either be enabled or disabled.

System optimization pack

The particular set of features includes several options before the user, and we find them efficient for the optimization of the computer’s work.

First of all, there is a Junk Cleaner. This feature is a disk cleaner that scans for cached Windows updates, files within the recycle bin, temporary files, and Windows Error Reporting Files. I found it to be a useful tool because so often, these junk files can really start to consume precious disk space.

Total AV scan for system tune.

In addition to it, Total AV offers the Duplicate File Finder. With it, we successfully located duplicate files within different categories and improved the performance of our computer. And given how easy this feature is to use, there’s no reason not to make it work for you.

Lastly, there is a Startup Manager and Browser Cleanup. The first may want to change your Windows files for better performance, while Browser Cleanup accesses your web browser data. In this regard, we should caution that everyone has their privacy principles.

Application Uninstaller. With Windows 10, uninstalling applications can be a challenge. Just finding where to do it confounds some people. With Total AV, you can quickly gain access to the application uninstaller and remove any applications you don’t want. This feature is really quite well done. One nice thing about this option is that it doesn’t include essential system software, so you won’t be in any danger of uninstalling a piece of software you need. Even so, use this with care.

Thus, if you trust third parties enough, these options can significantly increase the performance of the device. We tested these features and improved the computer’s well-being by removing unnecessary files and trash.

Ease of Use

Total AV antivirus interface.

After many reviews, we made sure that sometimes it doesn’t matter how reliable an antivirus solution is; it won’t be any good to the average consumer if it’s not easy to use.

This leads to another area where Total AV does an excellent job — it’s incredibly simple to use. Some antivirus platforms offer so many bells and whistles that they can become confusing to those who aren’t familiar with how such tools work. That’s not the case with Total AV.

Even though Total AV offers a disk cleaner, a password vault, web security, optimization tools, personal information protection, real-time antivirus, and system tune tools, it still remains one of the easiest-to-use solutions on the market

In fact, most users would be able to install this antivirus solution on Windows 10 and be up and running without having to bother with phone support, live chat, or even documentation. It’s that simple.

So if you’re concerned that Total AV will be too complicated for you to use, rest easy.

Total AV interface

One of the reasons why Total AV is so simple to use is that they’ve put a fair amount of time and effort into designing a user interface that makes working with all of the features quite simple. You’d be hard-pressed to find an antivirus tool that offers an interface this well thought out. 

It has a balanced organization, however, Total AV interface only offers a dark mode. This could be tricky for some users who prefer and are comfortable with interfaces with white color schemes. It is a matter of choice, so keep it in mind.

How Much is Total AV Cost: Comparison Table of Total AV Packages

total av prices 1

There are a number of solid features at certain prices. This is where things can get a bit dicey. Although Total AV advertises a pretty low cost (you can score the Pro version for $29.00 or get it for $19 with our deal), some features that you may want require additional purchases. Total AV offers the following packages that include specific features::

Antivirus Pro
Internet Security
Total Security
Price Free $29.00/year $39.00/year $59.00/year
Number of Device Licenses 0 3 5 6
Real-Time Antivirus Protection
Advanced Ransomware Protection
Virus, Trojans Adware Spyware & Malware Real-Time Protection
Protection against Phishing Scams
Free Up System Space with Disk Cleaner
PC Performance & Optimization Tools
Remote Firewall Protection
Stay Safe Online with Web Shield Extension
Web Browser Cleaner & Manager
Safe Password Vault
Antivirus eBook
24/7 Priority Super-Fast Support
Smartphone Optimizer & Protection
Safe Browsing VPN


It gets a bit confusing because you can purchase features ala carte. Say you buy the Pro version but want to add the VPN. You can do that as an in-app add-on. Each element has a different price tag, and if you add on enough features, that $29.00 yearly subscription can get a bit pricey. Still, it depends on what you want and what you use. Here is the list of available options the Total AV offers.

Total AV Antivirus Free Version – Basic tool for detecting malware

The free version of Total AV is, as the name implies, elementary. In fact, with this tool, you pretty much only get a malware scanner and a few optimization tools. At this price point, you are getting the basic features for your protection.

Total AV Antivirus Pro for entry-level protection

total-av-en-av-1If you’re willing to pay for a yearly subscription for the Total AV Pro edition, you start seeing features that make the purchase price worth your pennies. Not only do you get protection against numerous types of malicious software for up to 3 devices, but the real-time protection alone is also worth the price of entry. 

The one thing you should know about the pricing is that the first year will come at a significant discount. After that first year is up, expect the price to jump quite a bit.

The regular yearly price for Total AV Pro is $99.00. In this regard, one may consider some benefits coming from the discounts Total AV provides.

Total AV Internet Security for multiple devices protection

The next step up is Total AV Internet security. This version gives you everything found in Pro, supports up to 5 devices, and tacks on the VPN. Once again, this is an upsell that will be worth the extra price for a lot of users. The introductory price for this version is $39.00. After the first year, the price jumps to $119.00 per year.

Total AV Total Security Antivirus for maximum protection

Finally, we have the top-tier version of Total AV, called Total Security. This version of the product includes everything in both Pro and Internet Security, supports up to 6 devices, and adds an ad blocker and the Password Vault into the mix. The introductory price for Total Security is $59.00. After the first year, the price increases to $149.00 per year. 

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Two things about pricing. First off, there is no 30-day free trial for Total AV antivirus. This is quite the oversight of the product’s makers, as nearly every reputable antivirus solution offers a free trial. The second thing you should know is that, although Total AV doesn’t have a 30-day trial, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied, contact the company, and they will refund your money.

Charges and auto-renewal

The forums and reviews regarding TotalAV on the Internet have some criticism towards the brand and its renewal policies. To make it clear, let us discuss this issue in more detail.

The Total AV is definitely a legit and affordable antivirus. It offers a robust set of security features at a price of $29 per year. It is almost twice less than PC Matic offers. However, after a year of using the program, users usually forget about the payment, while the auto-renewal option, set by default, charges the usual price without the discount. Imagine that it is $99 for a second year now, while you missed the particular point. Thus, it is not surprising that this question raised so much discussion.

We should say that the policy of the brand and communication has become much more pleasing lately. However, try to remember about the renewal of the deal, as well as the functions you order. Lastly, it is better to call or email support beforehand to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to prolong it.

Total AV Mobile Antivirus

Total AV provides an efficient mobile app applicable to Android and iOS devices. The findings indicate a helpful Scan, smooth Cleaner for the files, App Lock option to secure files, and VPN granting greater internet access. Moreover, the latest AV-Test (October 2020) underlines its outstanding capabilities with the highest marks in Performance, Protection, and Usability

Before all, the prominent feature of the app refers to the Antivirus Scan. It supports real-time protection. Among the advantages is a smooth and quick scanning process. However, if the scan is powerful, the guard still may miss the intrusion of the virus.

Another essential option refers to the App Lock. It grants additional protection to your files. In particular, with it, you may manage the files and folders by setting different passwords. Besides, there is a Cleaner tool. It may be especially helpful when there is a lack of space on your device. It manages to delete junk files, duplicates as well as cache. Thus, it is partly an optimization tool, too.

Lastly, the TotalAV app has a Safe Browsing VPN. To be more specific, it is beneficial if you spend a lot of time on the Internet using unprotected networks. TotalAV mobile app gives anonymity and protection.

Support and Customer Service

Total AV offers several routes for customer service. You should visit the Total AV Help Center, where you can search through their Knowledge Base for answers to the most asked questions. If the Knowledge Base doesn’t help, Total AV offers email support, live chat, and phone support. Another route for possible support is to contact Total AV by way of their official Twitter account.

For the purpose of this Total AV review, I contacted all three forms of primary support with a single question:

“When I quarantine files, where are they stored, and can I access them?”

Due to specific questions, the knowledge base failed me, and my only actual support option was email. It is possible you don’t get immediate answers, but be patient as many other brands have the same practice these days. It’s rare that a company will respond within an hour or so (especially during peak hours). However, they are likely to return to you during the day.


Total AV Antivirus Software Video Review


TotalAV Antivirus FAQ

How to Uninstall Total AV on Windows or Mac OS

Check our detailed guide ‘How to remove Total AV antivirus from your operating systems’:

If you decided to install another antivirus program for Windows 10, you can see our comparison reviews below for Norton, McAfee, Avast, Avira, and Kaspersky, or just read other articles and guides.

Total AV Alternatives & Competitors

As with any antivirus solution, there are quite a lot of competitors who are perfectly capable of meeting or exceeding your needs. Some of these alternative solutions are actually more established than Total AV software and have more to offer (by way of features and support). Possible options are Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton AntiVirus Plus, Bitdefender, Webroot. Just click below to compare them:

Bottom Line

Total AV Antivirus is a reliable, convenient, and effective instrument offering decent malware protection and useful features to avoid internet threats. It has a free version and paid ones, varying from $29.00 to $59.00 a year. The first one is somewhat limited, while the others are worth considering due to the features’ potential. In the end, it has shown improvement in its anti-malware performance in regard to independent labs lately.

What is Total AV antivirus?

This is a pretty new premium antivirus software product. It supports all the popular operating systems, reliably protects your system, and does not impact the performance much. The product offers a lot of great features not found in many competitors.

Is Total AV safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Many tests from leading antivirus labs proved its efficiency. The antivirus real-time protection makes your system secure against malware, trojans, ransomware, and other threats. Total AV runs all the scans in the background. Its malware detection results are compared to the market leaders.

Is Total AV really free?

No, it does not provide a completely free version. However, you are able to use a free trial for 30 days. This is enough to understand whether the product suits your needs and decide whether you want to use it. The trial version offers only basic protection.

How much does TotalAV cost?

Total AV has three plans: Antivirus Pro, Internet Security, and Total Security. They cost $29, $39, and $59 per year, and protect 3, 5, and 6 devices respectively. This is the price for the first year, it includes a discount. Further, you will be charged the regular price of $99, $119, and $149.

Who owns Total AV antivirus?

The Total AV is owned by Protected.net Group Limited. It is registered in the United Kingdom. For most users, the law of England and Wales is applied. However, the US users can use the service according to the legislation of the State of California.

TotalAV User Reviews

We aspire to provide fair and educational reviews for the users. Thus, we are more than welcome to hear your observations based on your experience. In this regard, we follow certain principles in the verification of the user’s posts or reviews. Our guidelines pursue the following: equal treatment and honesty; non-abusive and non-hateful content; absence of conflict of interests and false accusations. We kindly ask you to follow these requirements when posting your objective reviews

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  • Edwin Kinder says:

    I have tried Totalav and must say that there are plenty of pros and cons for each user. It depends on what you expect from this software for this money. I think this is good antivirus software for personal use. Of course, you have to keep an eye on your subscription renewal date if you don’t want to be charged more than $100 for the 2nd year. And my tip is to make sure you don’t have any other antivirus before TotalAV installation, it may cause a conflict (like it was in my case). I think the price of $29 for the 1st year is fair enough. After the first year of using you can clearly decide if you want to renew. I am giving it 4-star rating only for much higher price for the 2nd year subscription.

    rating user starrating user starrating user starrating user star

    Rating 4/5

  • NS says:

    They have terrible customer service and even worse autorenewal policy where the cost increases six/seven folds. 1st year £24, 2nd year £134. My email went to my junk box so missed the notification so ended up paying ridiculous increase. Most consumer reviews complain about the same. Also independent reviews give them a 3 star at most. Best to look elsewhere.

    rating user star

    Rating 1/5

  • Khan Mira says:

    this is the best tool.
    bitdefender total security is far worse.

    rating user starrating user starrating user starrating user star

    Rating 4/5

  • Luc v says:

    After sending two mails for cancelling my subscription, I got an email back with some shady link in it (seriously?) after clicking the link, it showed a page were it is very clear that you can buy some more products. A few months later I saw they did not cancel my subscription. I reexamined the link they provided and found that a very well hidden link where to unsubscribe. In Belgium, such practices are illegal. By law, you have to let your customer know how to unsubscribe, and totalAV just mentions that you have to send a mail. I definitely did not get my money back. So TotalAV is a total scam.

  • Don says:

    TotalAV seems like a scam, not an above the board antivirus solution. I purchased a trial version for a short time, when I decided to not continue, they make it impossible to cancel. I have followed the directions for cancellation, sent continued reply and messages to there multiple followups to again cancel no less than four times. Now I just received that they tried charging to an old card number. Which says to me do not let them have your information, they will continue to hound you and try to charge you even though you have contacted them to cancel multiple times.

  • Nancy says:

    Do I need to have a Mobile phone? The change in pass-word seems to have worked ,but the page changes I’m asked for a mobile phone .I don’t have one, but the only way out is to log out.

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