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TotalAV vs Norton: Which Antivirus is Better in 2022?

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Overall Score:
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TotalAV vs Norton: Which one is Better?

TotalAV vs Norton Comparison.

Total AV and Norton are top antiviruses with outstanding features and lab test results. In brief, Norton is a leader in detecting the threats, whereas Total AV is more affordable and has exciting additional tools.

TotalAV offers reliable protection against network threats and hacker attacks with two-way firewall and control, web protection against all types of Internet threats: phishing, online fraud, malicious downloads, identity theft.

Norton is a strong-brick and advanced solution that requires much time to handle it. In addition to tiered protection features, Norton 360 comprehensive antivirus offers automatic online and local backup, tools for configuring the system to increase PC performance.

Check detailed TotalAV Review and Norton 360 Review. We will compare TotalAV vs Norton in detail, yet, we recommend TotalAV for a regular user.

Norton vs Total AV: Main Features Comparison

TotalAV Antivirus quarantine.

Let’s start our TotalAV vs Norton competition with a comparison of the main features the antivirus software proposes. Generally, most antivirus solutions are similar to each other in some essential parameters. So are Norton and TotalAV share the same features:

  • Real-time antivirus protection;
  • Anti-ransomware and anti-phishing;
  • Protection against Trojans, and worms;
  • Safe browsing for online shopping;
  • Device tune-up and cleaner functions;
  • Customizable firewall;
  • Password manager;
  • Automatic, manual, and scheduled scans;
  • Registry Startup and USB Virus scans.

Let us focus on these features in more detail.

If to speak about Norton, the most obvious change is the new user interface. By offering a clean and modern look, Norton Security sets the tone for the security solution that will be used on different versions of Windows operating systems.

Norton Security uses 5 levels of computer security, critical data, and online activity, including network security technologies such as firewall and intrusion prevention (IPS), file protection technologies (traditional antivirus capabilities), reputation-based protection technologies (Insight), and behavioral analysis-based technology (SONAR).

In turn, TotalAV protects your privacy, no matter what device you choose. TotalAV also provides some useful features, like Smartphone optimization tool and VPN service, which are critical to have in 2020. Besides, this antivirus software includes IM protection and anti-adware feature, and seems to be a comprehensive antivirus solution.

Security Comparison

Norton Antivirus Scan Dashboard.

We all know that protection is the primary function of any antivirus solution. Apart from anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-ransomware, and anti-rootkit modules are also important. Both Norton and TotalAV utilizes the latest technologies to prevent your devices from infecting with various viruses. Let’s dive into the details.

Now, Norton utilizes a real-time antivirus engine that provides malware detection, fundamentally altering traditional file protection. The key features of the new engine include:

  • Al Symantec Intelligence – more than 4,300 billion interactions – is now used by Norton Security real-time protection. Each time you access a file, Norton evaluates it using thousands of criteria to identify potential risks;
  • Norton Cloud technologies, local signatures on disk have become 80% smaller. It is the fastest and lightest Norton ever. With the new Norton Security engine, information about the latest threats is instantly available through Norton’s cloud infrastructure. This significantly increases the speed at which users get protected against the latest threats.
  • Norton Protection System implies a proprietary 5-level security system that detects and addresses threats faster and more effectively than before.
  • SONAR heuristic protection and continuous threat monitoring – outpaces threats by detecting new and unknown malicious processes by monitoring suspicious activity on your computer.

TotalAV security features in detail:

  • One service to protect all your devices running Windows, Mac OS X and Android mobile platforms, iOS;
  • Protects against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online attacks;
  • Blocks unsafe websites and prevents suspicious downloads;
  • Allows you to move protection from one device to another;
  • Lets you add more protection if you have more devices;
  • Browser protection – proactively protects against online threats by checking and blocking malicious downloads in your browser, stopping threats before they cause harm;
  • Anti-phishing technology – blocks phishing websites created by online scammers to steal your money, passwords and identity;
  • Provides enough flexibility to protect the digital life of your entire family.

Well, you see how difficult it is to detect the winner here. We prefer TotalAV in this round, because, despite all the benefits, Norton lacks some consistency, and its full scans take too much time. Still, Norton is a decent solution, but TotalAV is slightly ahead.

Compatibility Comparison

TotalAV Android Interface.

Compatibility is also critical in the world, where a person has more than one device in use.

Norton supports the following platforms and systems:

  • Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows 10 Redstone 5 (RS5)/macOS (current and previous 2 versions)/Android 6.0 and higher/iPhone and iPad – iOS (current and previous 2 versions);
  • Maintenance Mode for Windows XP and Windows Vista, starting with version 22.15. “Maintenance Mode” means that Norton anti-viruses installed on Windows XP and Windows Vista will continue to receive updates to anti-virus databases, but new features and capabilities will no longer be provided.

In turn, TotalAV started as a Windows-oriented product, but it enlarged the set of options. We should say that the TotalAV Mac version doesn’t operate flawlessly, yet, it works well even on the outdated versions of Windows and slow PC’s.

So, TotalAV will be the great pick for Windows (even for outdated ones), iOS, and Android, while Norton works better on macOS. Considering that Windows is the most popular OS in the world, we recommend TotalAV as a leader in this round.

Extra Features Comparison

Norton Password Manager Login.

Very often, the mail service filters spam messages on its own, and server solutions protect corporate mail. However, if you still need local spam protection, Norton can help. You don’t need to buy a comprehensive solution because basic antivirus already has anti-spam.

When you install Norton, you also receive Norton Password Manager, formerly known as Norton IDSafe. You can get a password manager for free, but it’s nice to have it integrated into My Norton. Norton Password Manager performs basic password manager tasks such as capturing data, filling out passwords and web forms, and can synchronize with all your Windows, Android, and iOS devices. The tool includes a user password security report with automatic password change for popular sites. However, it lacks advanced features, including secure sharing, digital heritage, and two-factor authentication.

Many programs are prescribed in a startup during installation. Even when you’re not using them, they consume some of the system resources. The Startup Manager from the TotalAV lists the programs in the startup, along with resource consumption information. You can reversibly disable any program in the startup or configure a delayed startup.

If your computer seems slow, try running the Cleanup tool. However, don’t expect the thorough cleanup you’ll get from a full-featured optimization program. The files Cleanup component simply deletes Windows temporary files and browser temporary files.

Also, TotalAV not only scans your device for threats and malware, but also has a System Boost feature where users can choose which programs to run while running, removing applications, and managing browser data.

There is a web security feature where users can view the Internet through a VPN, firewall, and ad-block. Finally, TotalAV has a Password manager, where users can store and protect their passwords.

Considering everything we mentioned above, the winner in this round is Norton, due to the wide set of additional features.

Support Comparison

Norton vs TotalAV Customer Support Comparison.

The work of Customer Support is critical to guarantee the clients’ satisfaction. Still, it is unpleasant to see that some companies contribute less to such an important factor.

Norton offers full technical support and warranty, and we had the pleasure of testing it. If Norton fails to remove an active malicious infection even after performing all recommended actions, experts can connect to your computer remotely and fix the problem. In the rarest case, when the efforts of NortonLifeLock experts are unsuccessful, you will be able to apply for a refund. This warranty applies only when you have signed up for automatic product renewal.

The specialists from Norton answered us in 1 minute in the Live Chat and helped with our general questions, considering protection and features.

In turn, TotalAV’s Support is not so satisfactory. The company focuses on the ticket support system, which is not so fast and reliable, as live or phone ones. When testing it, we faced significant delays in the responses. So, Norton is the unconditional winner in this round.

Pricing and Packages Comparison

TotalAV packages and prices.

TotalAV vs Norton prices at a glance:

  • Total AV Antivirus Pro – $29 per year ($19 with our website) for 3 devices
  • TotalAV Internet Security – $39/year for 5 devices
  • TotalAV Total Security – $59/year for 6 devices
  • Norton 360 Standard – $39.99/year for 1 device
  • Norton 360 Deluxe – $49.99/year for 5 devices
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select – $99.99/year for 5 devices (+Identity Theft Protection)
  • Norton 360 with Ultimate Plus $299.99/year for 5 devices (+Identity Theft Protection)

Norton product includes many additional features, such as online backup, spam filtering, and intrusion prevention, which bypasses many competitive solutions. It is a reliable antivirus, but its cost can be unreasonable.

All the features TotalAV has are excellent, but unfortunately most of them are only available in the paid version. The free version can only scan the user’s device for threats. The question of whether users should receive a paid version is controversial. The free version is practically useless, and the only way to really use it is to buy the product completely.

TotalAV highlights:

  • This antivirus is compatible with the most popular platforms
  • TotalAV offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee
  • For the 1st year you get more than $80 discount 
  • As far as the most intuitive antiviruses go, this one is on top of the pedestal.

Norton highlights:

  • Safe and reliable files and data storage
  • Blocking of illegitimate software
  • Flexible scanning options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Decent variety of packages

Last Customer Reviews: TotalAV vs Norton

Edwin Kinder
I have tried Totalav and must say that there are plenty of pros and cons for each user. It depends on what you expect from this software for this money. I think this is good antivirus software for personal use. Of course, you have to keep an eye on your subscription renewal date if you don't want to be charged more than $100 for the 2nd year. And my tip is to make sure you don't have any other antivirus before TotalAV installation, it may cause a conflict (like it was in my case). I think the price of $29 for the 1st year is fair enough. After the first year of using you can clearly decide if you want to renew. I am giving it 4-star rating only for much higher price for the 2nd year subscription.
They have terrible customer service and even worse autorenewal policy where the cost increases six/seven folds. 1st year £24, 2nd year £134. My email went to my junk box so missed the notification so ended up paying ridiculous increase. Most consumer reviews complain about the same. Also independent reviews give them a 3 star at most. Best to look elsewhere.
Khan Mira
this is the best tool. bitdefender total security is far worse.
Richard Stevens
You have given Norton a top rating and I have been using Norton on my computers for several years. However, after I had tried a Software cleaning program for a year then decided to uninstall it, it left an annoying nag pop up that Norton did nothing about. I tried Malwarebytes and it immediately detected it as malware and eliminated it. Shouldn't Norton have done that? What other programs would have worked like Malwarebytes since I notice that Malwarebytes doesn't get a top review from you?
Bridget Cunningham
April 2020--I have been a Norton customer for years. My subscription auto-renewed in January 2020. I began getting error messages on my laptop saying that my subscription has lapsed, which it had not, and that the virus protection programs could not run or update. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Norton Support for them to correct the issue. Supposedly, the issue was fixed. The same issue with error messages occurred again in February. Another 3 hour phone call, with the issue supposedly fixed. The same issue occurring in April. I had 2 more 3+ hour phone calls, with the Support person telling me in the end that he could not fix the issue and that the issue had to get raised to their engineering team and that I would hear back from them in 7-10 days! The support person had enabled and disabled dozens of settings on my computer so that my computer function was negatively impacted. I ended up having to spend another 5+ hours on the phone with Dell Support. In the end, my computer function had been so negatively impacted by Norton Support that Dell had to do a complete factory reset on my laptop. They had to remove Norton from my computer as a part of the exercise. I since spent another hour on a chat with Norton trying to find out when Norton Support is going to rectify the issue and get Norton replaced on my computer. I am paying for this service that I don't even have. They said another 7-10 business days! They have limited staff due to Coronavirus and everyone is working from home?? How does that even happen to a tech company??!! No capability to work from home. Are you kidding?? So, in the meantime, I have no virus or malware protection, and I am inundated with ad's. Awful. And I have no remedy. Beyond angry and I will post negative reviews on every site that I can find.
Frank Johnson
I've been using Norton antivirus for years and never been disappointed. It is a very good software with which everything can be secured & protected. Truly delightful product to use. I would recommend to a friend.
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