About Us

Security is the most important aspect for anyone who uses the internet regularly. When you store personal information and share sensitive data online, the problem of safety becomes absolute. The amount of available security solutions is growing by the minute meaning that you need a second opinion to make a correct choice.

Our website is the perfect source of such second opinions. Read what professionals think about specific antiviruses and antimalware software.

Ranking Criteria

Each antivirus is tested independently. We download applications and test them against each other in terms of efficiency and fullness of databases. Each software receives an independent rating. However, we also compare them to each other in order to know which software is a better performing one when it comes to specific types of viruses and features.

We Help You Save Money

Security is an expensive product. Modern antiviruses may cost hundreds of dollars annually. It makes each purchase a significant financial step that must be made after thorough considerations. Antivirus software can be useful due to additional features such as firewalls or background scanners or be superior choices to catch specific viruses like malware and viral advertisements.

This is why you can get a discount for a specialized software from our website and get a couple of programs, each with its own advantages. Note that our partnerships and referral ties to products and corporations that we rate do not affect our final verdicts.

Be Informed

The market for antivirus software is quite significant. It is diluted with thousands of smaller and bigger programs. Each of them has upsides and downsides. If you want to get the best possible program to protect your computer and personal data, our reviews will be most helpful! Enjoy comprehensive reviews and opinions from professionals and regular users who help us test software!