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Alice McDonald

This woman is the Security Expert at Bestantiviruspro.org. She has been a part of the industry for decades and knows precisely how to make an otherwise dull technical article equally useful and exciting for regular users.
A security professional herself, Alice is friends with the leaders in the field and is always happy to share some in-depth analysis and interviews with the best of the best. Back in the days, she used to be a website developer and software engineer. That strong background, along with knowledge of Internet marketing, allows her to be a leading expert in the field. Online security is a huge issue today, but thanks to professionals like Alice, you’ll be able to protect yourself on the World Wide Web. Alice will tell you exactly what antivirus package you’ll need for your PC/phone/ another device in a matter of seconds!

Ellie Richards

It all started with a desire to learn more about antiviruses and the algorithms that specialists use to track down and eliminate viruses. These days, Ellie is a tech blogger, and she’s surfing the World Wide Web every single day, looking for new, better solutions for online privacy and security. She bases her reviews on meticulous, in-depth analysis and real-world trials. And, she is always ready to walk that extra mile and call Customer Support to clear even the tiniest details concerning the plans, the discounts, and the available features.
Ellie is on the user’s side and considers it to be her duty to write unbiased, professional, down-to-earth reviews. Even if you don’t know the first thing about antiviruses and what their purpose is, Ellie will get you up to speed in no time! A tech blogger at heart, she enjoys writing about complicated stuff in a friendly and engaging manner.

Jude Jones

Jude is a seasoned writer, a true veteran in educating beginner-level users on Social Security. She’s a big fan of keeping up with the latest innovations in the industry and writing comprehensive reviews with personal recommendations and expert opinions.
If you find yourself struggling to pick an Antivirus solution for your device(s), Jones is just the right man for the job. McAfee, Bitdefender, TotalAV, and Scanguard – these are some of the popular Antivirus packages that Jude has reviewed for our website.
The digital world is growing at a rapid pace, but for an avid fan of everything new and a skilled professional like Jude, it’s just another day at the office. She has worked with a wide range of clients, starting with the smallest start-ups and all the way up to internationally-respected financial institutions. She likes to run various antiviruses through stress tests in his free time.

Matilda Mellor

Matilda is one of the greatest Internet Security Writers that we ever had the privilege of working with. With years of experience behind her back and a passion for discovering new things, she knows everything there is to know about Online Security. She keeps her finger on the pulse 24/7 and is always happy to share the latest updates.
Matilda has quite an impressive portfolio and has been writing for dozens of companies around the globe, including some huge European holdings. A strong advocate for privacy both online and offline, this young woman is a great consultant with a fantastic personality. Check out her detailed reviews on Internet Security to raise your own awareness and to protect your device and personal data from any third parties.

Nathan Collier

Nathan started out as a journalist, one of the first ones to ever write about cybersecurity. Now, he’s the editor of our website, a man that takes care of managing and editing every single article on Bestantiviruspro.org.
Raising awareness of online security and privacy is his biggest passion. He’s been writing about antiviruses for his entire life and working with some of the biggest names, helping them bring their products closer to the average users. Consulting is what Nathan is good at, and even now, while being the editor, he still finds time to consult people and help them to better understand what online security means and what the best ways of protecting yourself in the digital world are.

Security is the most important aspect for anyone who uses the internet regularly. When you store personal information and share sensitive data online, the problem of safety becomes absolute. The amount of available security solutions is growing by the minute meaning that you need a second opinion to make a correct choice.

Our website is the perfect source of such second opinions. Read what professionals think about specific antiviruses and antimalware software.

Ranking Criteria

Each antivirus is tested independently. We download applications and test them against each other in terms of efficiency and fullness of databases. Each software receives an independent rating. However, we also compare them to each other in order to know which software is a better performing one when it comes to specific types of viruses and features.

We Help You Save Money

Security is an expensive product. Modern antiviruses may cost hundreds of dollars annually. It makes each purchase a significant financial step that must be made after thorough considerations. Antivirus software can be useful due to additional features such as firewalls or background scanners or be superior choices to catch specific viruses like malware and viral advertisements.

This is why you can get a discount for a specialized software from our website and get a couple of programs, each with its own advantages. Note that our partnerships and referral ties to products and corporations that we rate do not affect our final verdicts.

Be Informed

The market for antivirus software is quite significant. It is diluted with thousands of smaller and bigger programs. Each of them has upsides and downsides. If you want to get the best possible program to protect your computer and personal data, our reviews will be most helpful! Enjoy comprehensive reviews and opinions from professionals and regular users who help us test software!