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James is a seasoned writer, a true veteran in educating beginner-level users on Social Security. He is a big fan of keeping up with the latest innovations in the industry and writing comprehensive reviews with personal recommendations and expert opinions. If you find yourself struggling to pick an Antivirus solution for your device(s), James is just the right guy for the job. The digital world is growing at a rapid pace, but for an avid fan of everything new and a skilled professional like James, it's just another day at the office. He has worked with a wide range of clients, starting with the smallest start-ups and all the way up to internationally-respected financial institutions. James likes to run various antiviruses through stress tests with our team. Education: University of Maryland, Cybersecurity. Working experience: 4 years as business security consultant. Hobby: Latest gadgets and National Geographic shows.

IDP.Generic Malware: Definition and Removal

If you’re an active antivirus user, then you’ve come across the “IDP.Generic” definition once or twice. It’s widely used by modern-day security suites and indicates that the (potentially) malicious code was detected/blocked by the Identity Protection module.  In this post, we’ll talk about this threat’s definition in more detail and share a practical guide on
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1337x: Definition and Removal

1337x.to torrent index website is a source that is available today and provides magnet links. Many people use it to download files and content. Still, it provides significant threats for users due to redirections to suspicious websites and potential malware installation. We designed a guide on how to fix the issues if you happened to
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What’s CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker is a notorious malware that poses severe threats to companies that specialize in data processing. Its first attack was recorded in September of 2013. The target of the attack was computers using Windows operating systems. According to records, the attacks did not occur up until the end of May in 2014. From this period,
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Clean Master Review

Clean Master app has over half a billion downloads and 43 million + mostly positive reviews on Google Play store. That makes it one of the most popular non-gaming apps, after Facebook and WhatsApp. It is rather to be expected, considering Clean Master is one of the masterpieces of Cheetah Mobile Incorporation, a guru in
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Cleaner One Pro Review

Cleaner One Pro is a program that works as per its intended purpose. Trend Micro equipped it with features that run automatically to enhance your PC’s performance. This means you won’t needlessly call IT every time to fix performance problems.  Cleaner One Pro has cleaning tools that will securely erase sensitive files, browser history, tracking
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Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1

Do you still use Windows 8.1 on your computer? Although Microsoft highly improved its Windows 10, the 8.1 version is still extremely popular. So the computer security and the protection of user data has always been and will always be vital. After the release of Windows 8.1, millions of users around the globe had to
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Best Anti-Tracking Software in 2022

While surfing on the Internet, you can never be sure that your privacy is protected. Hackers often monitor your actions and seek to get your data with the help of special spyware. It is one of the oldest and most common types of threats in the network. These programs penetrate your PC without permission and
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Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Review

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner is a remarkably useful utility that serves for deleting suspicious and harmful software. The latter can turn out to be on your computer by accident: you can catch it when visiting a suspicious resource or when you install an infected program. Sometimes, it occurs on your computer due to the unprotected Internet use.
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Panda CleanUp Review

Is Panda CleanUp good in 2022? Panda CleanUp module provides an opportunity to optimize the PC performance by increasing its working speed. To achieve the goal, the app will defragment the hard drive making it work faster, as well as add more space by removing junk files (temporary files, temporary Internet files, browsing history, and
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PC Protect Review

Before we get to the actual discussion, it’s worth mentioning that this brand belongs to SS Protect Unlimited. The same company owns the TotalAV and Scanguard brands as well and is based in the UK. As for PCProtect, it offers not only antivirus protection but also a VPN for online anonymity and essential tune-up tools
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Best Password Manager

We use multiple online services every day, and using the same password for all of them is a terrible idea. If someone receives your password from one platform, they will be able to access your accounts on all others. If you use a unique, strong, and complex password for each of your online accounts, you
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MacKeeper Antivirus Review 2022

Is MacKeeper Antivirus Good? Allegedly, the former owner of the MacKeeper brand, ZeoBit, was fooling users to pay for fixes they didn’t need. And, since this app is known to cause severe problems for a Mac device, you’re probably wondering: is MacKeeper a virus? The answer is no, Kromtech MacKeeper is not malicious anymore. Sadly,
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Trend Micro Review 2022

Trend Micro: Is Trend Micro any Good? Trend Micro is a comprehensive platform designed to protect all critical items and systems of the enterprise’s local network. Using classic agent technology to protect physical servers, virtual servers running Hyper-V and Xen hypervisors, as well as the ability to protect virtual servers and workstations running VMware ESXi
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Intego Antivirus Review 2022

Intego Antivirus: Is Intego Any Good? Although Intego might not be the most popular antivirus product on the market, it is, most certainly, one of the oldest ones. It’s been around since 1997 and offers a long list of solutions for home users and business owners. It’s mostly a Mac-oriented security suite, which has recently
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The Best Malware Removal Software

Nowadays, malware protection is something you need to care about from the day you purchase your device. Without antivirus software, your PC or cellphone can be crushed by hackers in just a few clicks. The worst thing is that it can come from where you don’t even expect it. Plus, malware is very diverse. The
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The Best Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphone in 2022

Best Android Antivirus Apps at a Glance Today smartphones are more than just the means of communication: we store both personal information and bank account data in our smartphones. Mobile devices also allow us to solve many problems on the go, and this has made life much easier for people. At the same time, confidential
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Best Antivirus Software for Mac in 2022

The Best Mac Antivirus Protection at a Glance Of course, many Apple users believe they are safer than users of other platforms and products. However, the relevant studies and reports show that this sense of security may play a cruel joke with all of us. Cybercriminals don’t care what platform you use; they care how
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The Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10/11

Windows is the most targeted operating system mostly because it exists forever and is widely used. The popularity of this OS is the main reason why hackers focus on creating malware for it. It is much easier to attack devices running on Windows because there are a lot of them. That’s why avoiding potentially dangerous
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