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Panda CleanUp Review

Panda CleanUp Review

Is Panda CleanUp good in 2022?

Panda CleanUp module provides an opportunity to optimize the PC performance by increasing its working speed. To achieve the goal, the app will defragment the hard drive making it work faster, as well as add more space by removing junk files (temporary files, temporary Internet files, browsing history, and cookie files). The product’s capabilities allow you to schedule your PC cleaning tasks and make your computer work more effectively. There are several main features.

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Panda CleanUp Review

Optimizing PC Performance and Cleaning Junk Files

Panda CleanUp software helps to clean and increase the speed of Windows devices, prolonging the battery life and improve performance. Panda CleanUp will remove any broken or junk registry partitions that may cause operating system errors, clear the system of unnecessary files, and allow you to configure the boot manager to control the automatic launch of installed programs.

Official site you can find here.

With Panda CleanUp you can:

  • Clean temporary files and the history of opened pages in your browser;
  • Remove cookies (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer);
  • Clear the list of entered URLs;
  • Delete index.dat files;
  • Clear recent documents, thumbnails cache, recycle bin, clipboard, memory dumps, as well as Windows log files.

Panda CleanUp can clean your disk space.

Panda Download Manager

Some programs and apps are configured to run automatically each time the PC starts up. This may slow down the computer’s work. With Panda CleanUp you can see which programs are configured to start and disable them if necessary. Furthermore, Panda CleanUp will notify you each time the program you install is added to the autorun list – you can react immediately.

The module specifications:

  • Manage the program autoload sequence;
  • Enable/disable programs in autorun;
  • Delete records;
  • Batch work with records;
  • Automatically monitor the disabled programs;
  • Delayed start of programs;
  • Windows boot time diagram;
  • Automatic detection of mistaken entries.

Panda CleanUp makes your PC run faster.

Panda Registry Cleaner

Panda Cleanup will clean any broken and junk registry keys that may be the reason of the operating system fails. The cleaning system configurations allow you to create recovery points before starting the cleaning process, create files with extended reporting, and display various warnings. 

Panda CleanUp features:

  • Cleaning the Windows registry manually and automatically;
  • Defragmenting, compressing the registry, cleaning mistaken entries to speed up applications;
  • Optimize and improve performance by fine-tuning your computer’s operating system;
  • Plan your registry scanning and troubleshooting errors in automatic mode;

The app detects and fixes the following issues:

  • Missing shared DLLs;
  • Incorrect file extensions;
  • ActiveX and Class errors;
  • Type libraries;
  • Installed applications;
  • Application paths;
  • Memory dumps;
  • Windows log files.Panda CleanUp removes registry keys that may cause errors.

Bottom Line

Panda CleanUp is an effective tool for keeping your system in order, deleting unnecessary files, and managing your downloads for your convenience.

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