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Android is one of the most targeted mobile operating systems. It is open-source, so developers like working with it and prefer to use it for new smartphones and tablets. And, no doubt, it is great – Android is easy to customize and adapt to any device. But it is really hard to eliminate all vulnerabilities when a lot of things are getting changed.

Hackers don’t miss their chance to get an easy prey. They create new malware for this mobile platform constantly, spreading viruses around the Internet. Therefore, antivirus is a vital application every user should install once they turn on the device for the first time.

However, it is not that easy to choose the antivirus for Android that will fit all your needs and your budget. So first of all, you have to define your requirements and understand how much money you prefer to spend on this software. Also, you have to remember that some antiviruses offer additional features. Decide, whether you need a full package or not and begin your research.

What is the best Antivirus for Android 2019?

Best antivirus for Android in 2019

To choose a really good software, you should check several basic criteria that can help identify how good the antivirus is.

  • The main thing that should define your choice is, obviously, lab tests. If the provider didn’t perform well in the lab, it is far from reliable and, thus, is not the right solution.
  • Also, you’d want the antivirus software to work on all devices that run on Android. Today it’s not only a smartphone and a tablet. We have a lot of wearable gadgets that are based on this OS and need protection as well.
  • You have to decide whether you want a real-time or on-demand scanning because some providers offer only one option.
  • Many antiviruses also have a lot of extra features like call block or warnings about an unprotected network.

So you need to understand if you want a plain antivirus or a full pack of features.

To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared reviews of 10  antivirus apps for android developed by industry-leading antivirus companies. Keep reading to choose your best antivirus for android.

Avast for Android: best for customization

Avast Antivirus - one of the Best Android Antivirus

This antivirus offers pretty reliable protection, although lab tests are very inconsistent (read our full Avast Antivirus review). In some tests, Avast scores 100%, in others — only 5.5 out of 6. However, even the lower scores are not as bad. The app offers several modes: a real-time shield that protects the device from malware; the scan-on-demand; scheduled scans. The last option allows to schedule scanning for, say, 3 a.m. when you’re asleep, so you don’t have to deal with a laggy phone.

There is a free version that covers pretty much all needs, But it can annoy you with ads. The free version will block calls, let you manage app permissions, help you find your device if it was stolen or lost, and protect you with a firewall. The paid version offers an advanced anti-theft feature, the ability to lock apps and direct support. You can purchase additional tools like VPN or Cleanup as separate apps.

Prices for the paid option of Avast Mobile Security are as follows:

  • Monthly – $1.99/month
  • Yearly – $7.99/year

Bitdefender for Android: best for reliable protection

Bitdefender - one of the best antivirus for Android smartphones

Bitdefender is built on one of the most reliable and modern anti-malware engines. During tests, this antivirus scored perfect 100%. The software automatically scans all apps that are just installed or updated. However, there is no feature that would allow scheduling scans, and that’s a downside. The scan on demand is quite fast – it will take around 30 seconds. The antivirus is using a cloud-based malware detection and doesn’t take a lot of resources.

Bitdefender offers a nice set of security features. It has an advanced malware scanner, anti-theft and account privacy features, and App Lock that allows you to lock certain apps. Also, you can extend the antivirus, so it protects your Android-based wearables as well. Last but not least, a VPN service comes with the antivirus.

Bitdefender Mobile security package will cost you $14.99/year. There is a 14-day free trial.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Android: best for complex needs

Kaspersky - best antivirus for Android phone

It’s one of the oldest and, thus, most trusted antiviruses. Kaspersky (read our full review) shows rather high scores during lab tests when it comes to malware. However, the anti-phishing abilities of this software are more mediocre. Kaspersky will scan every new, and if it finds a treat, it will ask you what actions to perform. On-demand scans take around a minute which is longer than most antiviruses need.

Kaspersky Antivirus provides its users with several anti-theft features. You can take a mugshot, wipe all data, lock and locate the device remotely, and set an alarm that will at least irritate the thief. Also, there is a browser protection feature that will help you stay away from malicious sites. Kaspersky allows you to hide all calls and certain contact cards as well. Overall, this antivirus gives a vast range of features.

The price is $11.99/year for one device. Every additional device will cost $5.

Norton Antivirus for Android: best for multiple devices

Norton Antivirus - best virus protection for android

This antivirus has a unique and truly generous offer – one paid subscription will protect up to ten different devices on Android and iOS. Every gadget will have almost perfect protection – Norton has shown a 99.9% rate during lab tests. Another advantage of this android antivirus is the fast scan that will take around just 10 seconds. Even though the software impacts the performance of the device a bit, due to the fast scan you might not even notice it.

The package offers a generic set of features. Here you will find anti-theft settings, web protection and the feature that allows you to block calls and text messages. The App Advisor function will let you know everything about any app you have installed on your device – battery usage, access to data, etc. Norton has an extensive database that contains detailed info about applications.

The regular package cost is $29.99/year, but the first year of subscription will only cost you $14.99.

McAfee Antivirus for Android: extensive protection for free

McAfee - what is the best antivirus for Android

It’s one of the not that many antiviruses that offers pretty good protection and a nice range of features for free. The McAfee software will scan all installed apps automatically as well as new files. Also, you can run the on-demand scan if you feel the need. The Web Protection feature will block all sites that contain possible threats and will warn you when you get suspicious emails or texts.

The most extensive section of McAfee is anti-theft. It allows to track the device, lock it and wipe all the data remotely. Also, you can take a mugshot of a thief if the gadget gets stolen. With this antivirus, you can block calls and texts as well. The premium version includes ad block tool and access to the phone support. Full review you can find on this page.

A 1-year subscription will cost you $29.99.

Avira Antivirus for Android: best for protecting all kinds of data

Avira Antivirus for Android Tablet

This antivirus will scan downloaded files that are stored in the memory of your gadget and on the external storage like SD card. Unfortunately, in the free version, you will only get a scan-on-demand. If you want the software to protect you while you’re surfing on the Internet, you will have to get a paid premium version. Avira has shown rather good results during lab tests so that you will have decent protection.

One of the best features of Avira is Privacy Advisor. It gives users detailed information about the installed app regarding their security and the amount of data they collect. Also, this antivirus will protect your camera by letting you control which apps can use it. The call and text blocking come in the package as well. And in the premium version, you will get Surfing Protection, better support, and more frequent database updates.

The price is $5.95/year per device.

AVG Antivirus for Android: an affordable solution

AVG - best virus protection Android in 2019

AVG antivirus will not offer you the best protection ever – its results in lab tests are pretty mediocre. However, it compensates this downside with other strength. The antivirus has a great interface, offers a monthly plan unlike most providers and supports an unlimited number of devices. The quick scanning is a huge plus, and a built-in secure search allows you to search something incognito without your data being gathered.

Additionally, AVG will scan your WiFi and tell you about any vulnerabilities. You also can protect some apps by locking them. There is a section for performance improvement as well. Here you can manage the activity of apps and clean trash to speed up your device. The last feature is anti-theft. It helps to locate the gadget when it’s lost or stolen, set the alarm, lock it, delete the data and take a mugshot of a thief.

The price is$2.69/month or $10.79/year

ScanGuard for Android: advanced protection with VPN

ScanGuard - Best Android Antivirus Apps

This is one of the most powerful antiviruses. It offers a real-time scanning that doesn’t slow the device much, extra firewalls that are on alert all the time, quick and full scans. ScanGuard will protect you from malware, ransomware, and phishing. The VPN service that comes in the premium package will give you even more security and privacy during your internet activity.

This antivirus features the Safe Password Vault where you can keep all your passwords. There also are performance improvement options like trash cleaner and app killer. ScanGuard allows you to lock your apps and manage them as well. The downside is that there is no opportunity to get premium just for Android. You will have to choose one of the multi-device packages. 


  • Essential Antivirus – $24.95 for the 1st year.
  • Pro Antivirus – $39.95 for the 1st year. 
  • Ultimate Antivirus – $59.95 for the 1st year.

Total AV for Android: the ultimate cure for your device

Total AV: Do you need Antivirus for Android

Total AV reliably protects the gadget from malware, ransomware, and even phishing. With this antivirus, you will get real-time protection that will always be on alert detecting every threat that gets to your device. So you don’t have to remember about running routine scans – your system is constantly scanned. Once the threat is detected, the software puts it in the quarantine, so the virus doesn’t spread. A VPN service gives you some additional protection both for your privacy and security.

When it comes to features, Total AV has pretty basic tools. Here you will find the option that lets you kill processes and remove apps, and get rid of trash. And that’s it. You will not find any extra features. But do you need them when you opt for a good antivirus?


  • Ultimate Antivirus – $59.95 for the 1st year.
  • Antivirus Pro – $39.95 for the 1st year.
  • Essential Antivirus – $19.95 for the 1st year.

BullGuard for Android: a solid cloud-based antivirus

BullGuard: good Antivirus for Android

This antivirus will offer you solid protection from viruses, adware, trackware, spyware and other kinds of malware. The software constantly updates from the cloud, so you can be sure you’re always safe. BullGuard will scan all new apps and flag infected ones. Also, you can run a scan on-demand. However, even though this provider claims that the antivirus doesn’t drain the battery, we have noticed a visible impact.

One of the key features is anti-theft. This tool allows to locate and lock the device if it was stolen or lost. This section has pretty basic instruments such as data wipe and alarm. With the SIM protection, you can trigger an automatic device lock or data erasure when the SIM card is changed. Also, with BullGuard, you can manage calls and texts and do a backup of your data. The premium version includes parental control and can be used for up to 5 devices.


  • 1 year – $19.95
  • 2 years – $31.95 (save 20%)

Best Antivirus for Android: Video Guide

Bottom Line

It is critically important to keep your Android device protected. And, fortunately, we have plenty of options. There are so many android antivirus solutions that you can choose one that precisely fits your requirements and expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you want a free or a paid app, a plain antivirus or a whole bunch of cool tools – you will be able to find the right solution.


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