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Many Internet users don’t see the full picture of why they need to take seriously the security of Internet activities. Although, we have more powerful devices, they still don’t provide enough protection in terms of security. Although some devices have in-built malware protection, it is not enough. Users still need to care about their Internet security.

Today, the the Internet is our second alternative world. A growing number of our activities are shifting online – now we’re not only watching movies online, or checking latest news, but also receiving invoices, adding our personal information, and shopping online. Therefore, nowadays we need a much stronger level of Internet security. To secure our personal data, and especially banking details, we need to stay updated and get the best internet security 2018.

What is the Internet Security?

By Internet security we mean different types of protection software that keeps your online activities secure from malware. An example of such software is an antivirus that runs on the background of your device. It constantly scans your device for malicious content hidden in the incoming data. No matter what device you use, mobile or desktop, you still need to install the best Internet security software if you go online and use the Internet.


Best Internet Security

Common myths

Many Mac users believe that there is no need for an additional antivirus since Mac has it’s own. The same myth applies to Windows 10 which has in-built Windows Defender malware protection.

When Mac just started becoming popular it had lower risk of becoming a victim of malware since people were more likely to use the Microsoft devices and Mac users weren’t the main target of malware. Today, Mac is the ‘belle of the ball’, and hackers have this device on their radar. Therefore, a top Internet security for Mac is crucial today. Same goes for Windows 10 – it’s in-built Windows Defender provides a very basic malware protection and will protect you only from common threats.

Another threat to be taken into account is the one related to mobile devices since many forget to take care about their Internet security when surfing from their smartphones. The fact is the volume of mobile traffic worldwide surpassed the desktop one. So don’t forget to install malware protection software for your mobile devices since viruses can crush your Android or iOS as well.

What threats can bring you harm if you don’t install the best internet security 2018?

Computer virus is the most common threat. If your device gets a virus, it may easily damage most programs and files on your computer. But, apart from virus, there are other online threats. One of these threats is spyware. This is a type of malware that roots into your computer and records your preferences. It monitors your online activity, including the websites you visit, making you lose your privacy. Another threat is adware – this is when your data is provided to third parties for targeting purposes so that they know what to show you in their ads. This is less  dangerous, but rather irritating. However, it can also become dangerous if this type of data is collected by surveillance companies. Creepy, isn’t it?

Keyloggers are also an emerging threat. They root to your computer and then record what you are typing on your device, including personal details, and even private messages or bank information.

You can get exposed to many of these threats from very basic activity. It’s hard to  imagine how easy it is to get a malware on your device. It is a common belief that you can get a virus to your computer only by uploading illegal content, but this is just the beginning. You can be exposed to the same amount of threat by just opening your browser, or by checking your email or news. And this is not the whole list.

We’ve prepared a list of top Internet security solutions that will help you prevent the risk of getting your devices exposed to malware.

Best Antivirus for InternetIn order to stay safe from all the threats we’ve described above you need a a top Internet security software. This software will scan any data that comes to your device, detect and delete any possible malware, block any unsafe sites. Antivirus software will constantly scan your computer and clean it from anything suspicious. It will also filter unnecessary emails and scan for anything dangerous.

Some of the best Internet security softwares offers pro or premium packages that have advanced features like parental controls, a firewall that blocks certain types of traffic.

Let’s have a look at what software is available on the market. Here comes the list of the best Internet security solutions to date.


We believe tha McAfee definitely deserves to be on the list of the best Internet security software. This is a great choice if you are looking for a ‘static’ online protection. McAfee has build-in PC optimization tools, email spam blocking, parental controls, protection from hackers and thief firewall as well as social media link protection.

You can install McAfee on multiple devices. The price depends on the number of devices you use. For example, the basic plan covers only one device. McAfee is available for Mac, Windows, and Android and there is also a 24/7 customer support.

Cost starts at $24.99/year.


Norton is one of the best Internet security software solutions available on the market. This antivirus software supports up to 10 devices. It includes top-notch features offering malware protection and automatic photo backup and covers Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. Norton is simple to use and install, and it also provides with a 24/7 customer support. If you want to find the best mobile antivirus, virus removal app, and best security app solution, Norton is a good match.

Cost starts at $44.99/year.


BullGuard is a trojan remover and includes complete antivirus protection. It offers an email and spam blocking, parental controls, firewall protection, identity and financial protection, and so on. This solution can cover up to 3 devices under the same license and offers 25 GB online backup storage. BullGuard has qualified customer support, but it’s only available during working hours. Pricing is flexible and there are three different plans included. This is one of the best free Internet security solutions that also offers a free trial.

Cost starts at $29.95/year.


The major advantage of this system is that it guarantees a high level of protection against malware, spyware, and all types of viruses. Besides, TotalAV reduces startup times, improves system errors, and makes CPU programs run faster. The list of its additional features includes also removal of junk files, cleaning of browser data, as well as scheduled scanning of the user’s computer.

TotalAV can be obtained with a free 30 day trial period.


This is one the most well-known antivirus softwares. Kaspersky Lab Antivirus offers a 100% guaranteed effective protection and removes all types of viruses. This is the best Internet security for Windows 10. The basic plan doesn’t offer as many features comparing to its competitors; however, you can get more advanced versions of Kaspersky Internet and Total Security. If you want a free Internet security, there is a free trial available so that users could test it first for one month at no charge.

Cost starts at $39.99/year.

ESET Internet Security

ESET provides a full range of protection. Apart from static virus protection it offers some great business solutions like server security, remote management, and so on. It also includes parental controls. ESET is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. So, ESET is on the list of the best internet security programs.

Cost starts at $39.99/year.


This is also one of the best Internet security software solutions that include all necessary features for a great performance and high level of protection. This antivirus has features like filtering unsafe URLs, blocking malicious websites and its secure browser that protects your financial transactions. BitDefender’s password manager auto-completes credit card details and your personal information. BitDefender runs on Windows  and Mac, and there are also separate products for iOS and Android.

Cost starts at $40/year.


This virus removal software is one of the best Internet security software programs on the market. In 2016 Avast has expanded its database by acquiring AVG antivirus. As one of the best Internet security software programs, Avast offers great feature-rich free version providing  its users with continuous support and regular updates.

Cost starts is $59.99/year.

The Bottom line

Given that our online activity is growing, decent Internet security software like antivirus is essential. It will detect and remove any possible threats that come from the Internet. Also, it will protect your privacy online. In this review, we covered the best Internet security software on the market and hope it will help you avoid any online threats.

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