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Overall Score:
Value for money
Ease of use
Overall Score:
Value for money
Ease of use

Which is better Antivirus: Avast vs Bitdefender in 2019?

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Discount Available20%42%
Money back Guarantee30 days30 days
Real-time Antivirus
Manual Virus Scanning
USB Virus Scan
Registry Startup Scan
Auto Virus Scanning
Scheduled scan
Email Protection
Chat/IM Protection
Adware Prevention
Ease of use4/55/5
Personal Firewall
Parental Control
Game Mode
VPN Service
Smartphone Optimizer
Device Tune-up
Safe browser
Live Help
Phone support
Email support
Ticket support

Avast highlights:

  • Compatible with all modern platforms.
  • Different levels of protection against malware.
  • Effectively detects phishing sites.
  • A strong security plug-in for browsers which automatically detects suspicious websites.
  • New passive mode for running multiple security products in parallel.

Bitdefender highlights:

  • Bitdefender comes with many outstanding features, including anti-fishing/fraud, autopilot, work/movie/game modes, Wi-Fi SA (Security Advisor), online banking protection (it’s awesome), safe browsing, and more.
  • This is, by far, one of the most intuitive and simple antiviruses on the market.
  • Impressive third-party test results (only rivaled by Kaspersky).
  • There’s a 30-day free trial for most packages. Total Security offers a 90-day trial.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Which is Best?

In today’s world of complicated viruses and invasive malware, it can be tricky to know which antivirus you should spend your money on. There are so many antiviruses to choose from, and we’ve taken two of the best and put them together in a comparative analysis to offer you the knowledge to make the most informed decision when choosing what’s right for you.

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Short Verdict

Avast has a better range of features than Bitdefender, should you choose to go for the best plan on offer. Bitdefender has better protection than Avast, but only slightly, and while we prefer the UI of Bitdefender, both antivirus offerings are top quality, and personal preference may always come into play.

Avast or Bitdefender: The Cost of Protection

For starters, both Avast and Bitdefender have got free options to use. They’ll both give you an intelligent antivirus which will be able to prevent a lot of attacks. In terms of the lower price, Bitdefender has the edge.

Bitdefender offers Internet Security for $34.99, which includes 3 devices for the year. There’s also the Total Security option which will allow you to protect up to 5 devices for the year, and that comes in at $39.98 which is quite a considerable saving, down from the standard $89.99.

Avast, on the other hand, will give you a year of Internet Security for $59.99 each year, a price almost doubles that of Bitdefender. The Premier version of Avast will set you back $69.99 a year.

Both of these antivirus options do offer very similar types of protection across the board for the best versions of each.

Avast vs. Bitdefender: Scanning Types and Features

avast firewall

When you compare the two directly, you’ll find that both offer very similar scanning types and features. Avast and Bitdefender both offer email security, antispam, cloud antivirus, and macro protection. You’ll also be able to do quick scans, full scans and boot-time scans on either antivirus.

If you plan to go for the top of the range product in each antivirus, you’ll likely find that Bitdefender has a great set of features. You’ll get access to a password manager and a VPN that you can use. Both of these, while necessary, are excellent additions to the full plan that you’ll be getting.

Bitdefender will give you multi-layer ransomware protection and a feature called Rescue Mode which will allow you to boot into your machine safely to remove even the peskiest of rootkits and malware.

With Avast, we felt that the range of features was better. There’s real-time malware protection, a password manager that has a little more depth than that of Bitdefender, phishing protection, an advanced firewall and much more.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: The Best Protection

One of the most important features of antivirus is protection. So, when it comes to Bitdefender vs. Avast, which one is the best?

Avast and Bitdefender are rated as some of the best antivirus programs around. And in some of the AVTest results, both antivirus programs were found to be 100% effective against zero-day and widespread malware.

It seems that more recently, Bitdefender may have the edge because Avast has been less adept at solving the latest malware spreads, but both of these antivirus programs are head and shoulders above the average in the industry.

Bitdefender vs Avast: The Least Resource Hungry

Bitdefender comes off least impressive. It has been known to slow your machine down by at least 20% when launching websites. That is a full 5 percent higher than the industry average, and something that Avast is simpler better at. If you’re running a top of the line PC, then you shouldn’t need to worry too much, but anything less than the average PC might struggle with Bitdefender’s resource hunger.

Avast Antivirus vs Bitdefender: Interface

User-friendliness is a dream with Bitdefender as many people will be able to make use of the “quick actions” feature on the front page of the program. Avast doesn’t have these kinds of features, but it also quite easy to navigate, but Bitdefender has a little bit of an edge here.

If you’re running a free version of Avast, you’ll be able to see everything that you’re missing that the paid subscribers can get. That can be frustrating, and should you accidentally click one of those buttons; you’ll be pushed through to a website, asking you to upgrade.

As far as the interface goes, Bitdefender is the clear winner here.

Last Customer Reviews: Avast vs Bitdefender

Erika Chien
The review is right on the spot! I think that Avast free antivirus is one of the best. I’ve tried many programs before, but many failed to find all viruses. This one works wonderfully. Avast brushed the drive and found every single problem. Well, I didn’t have to check again since everything worked well after that.
Value for money:
Ease of use:
Carlos Hare
I downloaded the program. You say that Avast internet security has a strong firewall, but I didn’t find a firewall. How do I use it?
Value for money:
Ease of use:
You Avast review is very helpful. I was wondering whether I should buy it. Guess, I’ll be testing this program soon. Thanks!
Value for money:
Ease of use:
There are so many features coming with my purchase! and they all work properly. A+!
Value for money:
Ease of use:
Mike Finn
I am currently making use of the 30 days money back guarantee ( I paid but I plan to cancel if anything goes wrong) and I must say I am pleased with what I have seen so far. At first tried it out with no intention of going premium. But with all there is, premium, here I come.
Value for money:
Ease of use:
Over the years, I have been using kaspersky and recently decided to try something different…it was bitdefender. I don't know about others but my experience with it so far has been simply great... and for such a price. I recommended it to a few persons around and would continue to do it.
Value for money:
Ease of use:

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