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Avast vs ESET: Which antivirus is better in 2022?

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Overall Score:
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Avast or ESET: Which one to choose?

avast vs eset

Today, we’re sharing with you guys our impressions of the veterans of the antivirus industry – Avast and Eset. Who provides more advanced protection? How much do both cost? What other benefits come with the programs? Everything you might be interested in is here. Welcome to our review!

Main Features of ESET and Avast

Most of us don’t expect much from an antivirus. We’ve got used to the fact that they can scan our operating systems for viruses, clear the cache and junk files, detect a threat, put it in the quarantine, and, maybe, check your WiFi connection now and then. But, years roll by, and antivirus has long become much more than that. Let’s see if Eset and Avast are like that.

ESET antivirus

Eset Protected

Eset has vast experience and a rich set of skills that make it special:

  • Protects Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android;
  • Performs your device’s scan and advanced scans such scans of target files and folders, USB, DVD, CD, and other removable media scans;
  • Provides you with seasoned multilayered system protection;
  • Has an easy-to-use drag and drop file system;
  • Checks your network or any other network you connect to;
  • Provides you with safe banking and online purchasing experience;
  • Protects your files in case someone has stolen your device (connects to your webcam to see a thief, tracks down a thief’s location, and grants access to recent files).

Avast antivirus

avast protected

Avast seems to keep up with Eset. It has the following specs:

  • Compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS;
  • Conducts thorough system scans in real-time;
  • Has a clear interface which is simple to navigate;
  • Scans your device once you’ve installed the program automatically;
  • Provides a shield for safe browsing and downloading;
  • Sets security on your folders and separate files to keep them from infections and attacks;
  • Allows you to manage your passwords on different websites (encourages to use more than one password for better protection);
  • Has a VPN for private or anonymous use of the Internet.


No matter how hard Avast is trying, Eset takes first place. It seems to be more convenient and advanced.

Malware Protection: Eset or Avast

What makes a good antivirus? First of all, the ability to tell the difference between regular files and phishing files. Secondly, it’d be great if it could fight malware and block trojans. And, of course, notify you if there’s something bad coming. Let’s see if Eset and Avast got what it takes.

Eset antivirus

ESET Threats Found

In terms of malware protection, Eset does well since it has all the necessary tools to get rid of threats of different kinds:

  • The UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) Scanner scans your computer and specific removable devices to prevent the virus from affecting your files;
  • The Malware Removal feature helps you wash and dry clean your laptop, phone or PC in the nick of time;
  • However, this tool could be necessary if the virus had penetrated your device before you got to install Eset;
  • The dedicated professional team works day and night to help you stand battle to cyber threats;
  • The Anti-Theft tool, which has already been mentioned before, also must be in your arsenal when it comes to virus-fighting.

Avast antivirus

avast firewall

Avast also has something to show to the world of cybersecurity. For example:

  • The Intelligent Antivirus feature catches and hands over different ransomware, spyware, hacker’s attacks, and viruses;
  • The analytics tools like the Wi-Fi Inspector, the Real Site, the Sandbox, the CyberCapture, and Smart Scan look for threats and warn you whenever there are some ill-intentioned sites in sight;
  • The Firewall that comes out of the box blocks easy access to your device and deprives the criminals of taking control over your system;
  • The Sensitive Data Shield makes personal information and sensitive files stay in place and be invincible.


In the battle Avast vs Eset for the best malware protection title, the winner is Eset. Are you surprised? Well, it sure deserves the price since keeping the digital criminals away is the priority of Eset antivirus.

User Interface and Impact on the System: Avast vs Eset

We’ve seen many antivirus platforms that slow down the system performance of the target device. Their scans seem to be time and energy-consuming. However, it doesn’t mean that our heroes are the same. Let’s find out.

Eset antivirus

ESET NOD32 Tools

Eset antivirus with this bold machine guy looking at you cannot be mistaken with some other antivirus. Most of our team remember him since they were kids.

If the work of their UEFI Scanner is not enough for you to see what else it does to improve performance, listen up:

  • Special machine-learning mechanisms that work on neural networks provides you with not only deep scans but also make the scans minimum power-consuming;
  • The Host-based Intrusion Prevention System makes sure your system runs smooth and is not subjected to malicious outside invasion;
  • The first scans performed by the antivirus usually take some time. However, the subsequent scans are much shorter in time since the program remembers the files that contain no threats from the first scan.

Avast antivirus

avast features, antivirus comparison

The User Interface is pretty fine. Avast has a pleasant color palette and quickly responds to your commands.

  • In a nutshell, the impact of Avast is minimal due to advanced machine-learning mechanisms.
  • The Cleanup feature makes your device look fine and clean. It scans your computer for threats, viruses, or masqueraded files and gets rid of them once they have been detected.
  • A special Sleep Mode sends your apps and programs to sleep while minimizing the use of RAM.
  • Avast also cleans up your Browser History and downloads to speed up the boot of the websites.
  • The Fix-It-Up tool performs a comprehensive system analysis on malware and ransomware and further kills the threats once and for all.


Eset seems to be the winner once again. This guy knows how to smooth your performance as much as possible. Sorry, Avast!

Pricing: Avast or Eset

Probably, the pricing section is the most interesting and intriguing. If you scrolled down here just to see how much you should pay for the features of Avast and Eset, read up!

Eset antivirus

  • Smart Security Premium – $59.99 a year (+ $10 for every next device)
  • Eset Internet Security – $49.99 a year (+ $10 for every next device)
  • NOD32 Antivirus – $39.99 a year (+ $10 for every next device)
  • Cyber Security Pro – $49.99 a year (+ $10 for every next device)
  • Cyber Security – $39.99 a year (+ $10 for every next device)
  • Mobile Security for Android – $14.99 a year (+ $10 for every next device)
  • Parental Control for Android – $29.99 a year
  • Endpoint Security Solution – $206.50 a year for 5 devices
  • Endpoint Encryption – $56.15 a year
  • Two-Factor Authentication – $349.50 a year for 5 devices

Avast antivirus

  • The free version
  • Premium Security, Single Device – $69.99 a year
  • Premium Security, Multi-Device – $89.99 a year
  • Ultimate – $99.99 a year
  • SecureLine VPN Multi-Device – $89.99 a year
  • Passwords – $19.99 a year
  • Cleanup Premium – $59.99 a year
  • Driver Updater – $39.99 a year
  • AntiTrack Premium – $49.99 a year


Eset and Avast share the first place here. The pricing policy is somewhat the same in both the antiviruses. They’re not the cheapest but are not the most expensive either. You choose.

Customer Support

If you’ve never had trouble with an antivirus program and always had maximum value for your money, it doesn’t mean you’ll never will. Customer support is something that defines not only the reputation of the company but also the come-back rate of its customers.

Eset antivirus

The developers at Eset have worked hard to offer the best troubleshooting solution and make almost 100% of their customers satisfied. That is why they have:

  • The Help section where you can find quick solutions to your problems, open the help window or dive into their knowledge base to get more insights;
  • The Technical Support lets you submit your detail requests;
  • The Support Tools have even more features to help you get rid of nasty issues in one click.

Avast antivirus

This guy here has the following support tools:

  • 24/7 tech support;
  • Working hotline for emergencies;
  • Provide help with a certain product;
  • Offers you to use their forum for online chats with moderators and other users.


In comparison to Avast, Eset takes the lead again here. You don’t even have to go to their website to get some help.

Our Verdict

So which antivirus is better, in your opinion? Eset vs Avast? It seems like Eset turns Avast to dust. But, not for everyone. If you’re still thinking about what to opt for, we give you 10 seconds to answer the following questions:

  • What’s your budget?
  • How many of your devices need protection?

If you’re done, reread the article to find what’s best for you.

Avast highlights:

  • Compatible with all modern platforms.
  • Different levels of protection against malware.
  • Effectively detects phishing sites.
  • A strong security plug-in for browsers which automatically detects suspicious websites.
  • New passive mode for running multiple security products in parallel.

Eset highlights:

  • Compatibility with all Windows versions – Vista through Windows10.
  • A special package for Mac, Linux, and Android available.
  • High-quality protection from malware, viruses, spyware, and ransomware.
  • A built-in e-mail scanning feature.
  • An automatic real-time scanning.
  • Phishing protection.
  • An AMSI protection module for quick detection of unwanted JS code.
  • A medium system impact.
  • Availability of premium packages for advanced protection.

Last Customer Reviews: Avast vs Eset

I was scammed by this company. Avast was saying I had two accounts when they never notified me about the second one nor did I ever agree to it. I found out when I canceled my subscription to the one account I knew about but even though I took out my card information avast was still able to charge me from the second account that I never agreed too. When I tried to get my refund they tried to say it was my fault for not reporting it when avast wouldn't answer the phone or get return my messages. For what reason would I have two accounts that doesn't make any sense but they just want to keep my money without understanding any reason. They never even sent me a email confirmation about this so called second account. I was forced to change my card number so that they can't steal my money and blame it on a third account I never agreed too. I will definitely not be recommending Avast to anyone my experience with them was terrible.
i once subscribed to these services. My Microsoft program became corrupted and I suspected Avast to be embattled with the security provided with Widows. I canceled my subscription and reloaded my operating system NO REFUND AFTER 30 DAYS even though I paid years in advance. Guess what? My cancellation was avoided by Avast. After 20 months, my card is again charged hundreds of dollars. After much effort Avast billing credited my account. Only partially, as one charge for $47.91 did not show on their records. I was forced to call my credit card company and it took 1 hour 27 minutes to finally talk to a representative and get a dispute started. I don't know what the results will be, as I indicated Avast, they have no record of my payment being submitted. SAY WHAT?
I've Used AVAST (PAID) for 3 Years. Just wanted to check out How it stacks up. It works very well most of the time. BUT, it has 1 Nasty Habit. I can be browsing on one tap and a new tab will say NO Internet connection. ??? Or it will Kick U off the Server whenever it sees a change in the connection. Very Touchy. If Anything, it's Overprotective. Oh, and you CAN NOT Use the VPN on Netflix. Otherwise, Stellar!! And Yes, Excellent, Thorough Review.
ESET May be good antivirus but absolutely the worst customer service I have ever seen. I tried to renew on several occasions my license which was rejected. The website claimed to have the wrong expiration date on CC but it ended up on my Card. I spent 6 hours on the phone waiting to speak to someone. I left numerous messages to be called back Finally I spoke to someone and took care of all. They said they were short staffed. Only three working for such a big company. I did receive two emails from an Emily Thompson from lead development. This was her response “ Good afternoon Sam, I appreciate you letting me know. Have a great afternoon, Emily Thompson Lead Development Assistant ESET North America That’s the response after 6 hrs wait time and ten emails to solve my renewal. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a technical issue. Not happy at all. As a physician, I have more important things to do these days than wait in phone or send emails to ESET
It is relatively inexpensive as compared to most of the other antivirus solution and also doesn’t consumes too much of CPU power while running in the background. Well, for a casual user like myself it seems enough.
I have been using it for many years and never had any problems. I don't visit suspicious sites though... that might be the case LOL
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