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Is Avast Cleanup Worth It?

Avast cleanup

In the last few years, Avast, the developer of the same-name antivirus for PCs and mobile devices, sells data of its users to third parties (read the detailed investigation here). Even the large IT companies, including Microsoft and Google, buy such information.

Many tech-magazines, which conducted own investigations, accused Avast of selling users’ data. Even the users themselves noticed that they could not disable surveillance of their activity in the Avast apps. Therefore, we do not recommend to use Avast products; it is better to pay attention to other safer brands: PCMatic, McAfee, TotalAV,Norton, Bullguard.

Nevertheless, act at your own risk.

We all know Avast antivirus rather well. It is one of the oldest providers on the market. And the fact that you can use the software for free only brings more customers to the company. Of course, there is a premium version as well. But the free one fulfills most needs users have.

Additionally, Avast offers other tools like VPN service, anti-tracking and cloud software, and many other useful things. But the most pushed instrument is the system tune-up called Avast Cleanup Premium. The antivirus software will keep offering it to you. Should you take the offer?

What is Avast Cleanup?

Avast Cleanup Premium is an optimization tool for the computer. It will make the system run faster by decluttering and organizing the files and cleaning the registry. And since many users seek the way to speed up their computers, such software is fated to be popular.

Avast Cleanup promises to maintain your system to keep it running smoothly and quickly. Aside from cleaning the trash, it will keep your software and drivers updated to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.

Why cleaning up old files matter?

Avast CleanUp review

The more files there is on the computer’s memory, the more capacity it needs to process the data. And it is hard to avoid keeping tons of various file on your PC, especially if you are using it all the time. Each application keeps logs, each website you visit leaves some data on your computer.

So eventually, the system gets so cluttered that the hardware can’t work with it quickly. Also, old files can be infected with viruses that will add to the issues with the performance. And outdated applications might have vulnerabilities, so it is crucial to either delete them or update.

Therefore, you should do at least the basic cleaning getting rid of trash files and cookies. However, even the deep cleanup is not a life-changer if your PC is rather old. The maintenance will then only boost the performance a bit. It won’t make much change to the speed of your computer. Still, you should do the cleanup from time to time.

Avast Cleanup Features

This software is very thorough when it comes to detecting junk files. It will look for them everywhere: downloads, browser cache, cookies, fragments of different files, and in many other places. So, in the end, you will get a lot of free space. Especially after the first cleanup or if you didn’t get rid of trash for a while.

But let’s take a look at the features of Avast Cleanup.

Disk Cleaner

This tool will get rid of all the trash you have, and traces uninstalled apps left behind. We should note that not each cleanup software detects these traces and gets rid of them. But Avast Cleanup does, so a huge plus for that.

It also deletes defected files that take too much space. It will help you empty a lot of space you didn’t even think can be vacant. It will look into the most remote places and fish out all the junk stored there.

Registry cleaner

In Windows OS registry is a data center that contains all the system settings. This database is used both by Windows itself and the programs that are installed. Each time you get a new application on your computer, the registry gets more and more entries. The more of them the system keeps, the slower it gets. So the registry should be cleaned from time to time.

The biggest concern people have is about the registry cleanup. And worries are quite understandable – lots of vital files and data are kept there. But with Avast Cleanup you have nothing to worry about. The software targets only junk files leaving important ones in peace.

Browser cleaner

Our browsers keep a lot of data – cookies, old unused plugins and much more. All these files are useful until a certain point when they get outdated. But even after that the browser still keeps them cluttering the whole system. This tool will clean all the useless data your browser stacks.

Sleep Mode

Avast Cleanup reviews

You can be not even aware of the number of apps that are running on your PC at the moment. Avast will show you the list of active programs and the chart that will let you understand how many resources they use. You can select those apps you don’t need and put them to sleep. It will enhance the performance quite well.

Shortcut Cleaner

Apps create shortcuts all the time to speed up the loading of the program. Over time these shortcuts die and become useless. Avast detects them and deletes to improve the performance of the PC.

Bloatware Removal

Usually, there is a lot of bloatware on the computer. It can be some trial versions of apps you forgot about, ads and toolbars that were installed along with other software, and many more things. This tool will get rid of them.

Automatic Maintenance

To make sure you don’t forget to keep your system clean, you can set Avast to automatic scheduled checkups and cleanups. It will save you some time. Also, you won’t need to worry about maintaining the PC.

Tuning Dashboard and Action Center

Here you can see short info about the current state of your computer’s health. It will give you some insights on what actions should you perform to boost the speed of the system.

Automatic Updates

Outdated apps and drivers are vulnerable to hackers attacks. So it’s important to keep all programs updated. And Avast will take care of it.

Is Avast Cleanup Free?

Avast CleanUp Price

Unfortunately, it is not free. The subscription for one computer will cost you:

  • 1 PC – $59.99
  • 5 devices – $69.99

Avast Cleanup is a part of the Avast Ultimate bundle. So if you use other products this company offers, you can save some money by getting a bundle instead of buying apps separately.

Is Avast Cleanup Worth the Price?

Advanced users will find this software rather pointless since they can perform all these actions manually. But those who are not that tech-savvy will enjoy using Avast Cleanup since it boosts the performance of the PC with user barely lifting a finger.

Also, such software gives some sense of psychological support – it’s nice to have an app worrying about mundane stuff. Especially, when it comes to the automatic cleanup. You literally don’t need to do a thing while Avast keeps your system neat and clean.

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