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Best Identity Theft Protection

ID fraud should never be taken lightly. These days, it’s one of the fastest-growing concerns, and without proper identity theft protection, you can never be truly safe. In this guide, you’ll find a list of the best tools available on the market right now. Overall, we’ve collected ten ID protection and monitoring services. Join us,
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Common Email Threats: What to Expect?

Emails are widely used in corporate and personal affairs, while hackers utilize them to exercise fraudulent activity. Despite the idea that many people recognize email security risks, some still ignore email vulnerabilities and threats and fail to follow basic rules. The same applies not only to users of personal computers but to corporate actors as
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IdentityForce Review

A popular service called IdentityForce is one of the leading identity monitoring services in 2021. A modern user faces diverse online threats that can put them out of humor if it deals with their finances. Identity theft is one of such killjoys. The good thing is that as soon as a new digital issue occurs,
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Adult Site Data Breach: 7 TB of Personal Information Leaked

Quarantine influenced billions of people across the planet, leaving them alone with the question: what to do when you can only see the four walls and a balcony at best. The Internet has become a real salvation for humankind. Users work and learn online, escape boredom with books, movies, TV series – and adult sites,
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Best Adware Removal Tools for Windows 10

What is Adware? Is your web browser littered with ads every time you try to find something online? Did your PC start to run slower and freeze up periodically? If so, your device is likely infected with adware. Adware or advertising software is a phenomenon implying unwanted software that displays ads on your device. Adware
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Should You Get an Antivirus for Chromebook?

If you own a Chromebook laptop, then you already know that it’s running on Chrome OS. This operating system is heavily based on Linux and is an excellent choice for surfing the web. Compared to Windows and Mac, this OS is not nearly as popular, but rumors about its level of security have been circling
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What is Trojan Malware?

To put it simply, a Trojan (or a Trojan Horse) is a specific type of software/code that masks itself to look harmless and to take control over a user’s device. A Trojan is capable of stealing data, putting additional strain on the CPU, disrupting the computer’s most basic operations, or damaging the network. Again, a
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Scanning for Viruses on Windows 10: How to Do a Virus Scan?

It is impossible to meet a Windows 10 user who doesn’t try their best to avoid computer viruses. Such malware is common on the Internet. Unfortunately, many virus peddlers are successfully using cutting-edge IT methods in their practice. As a result, what should serve the interests of users can be a big issue for them.
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Scanning for Viruses on Mac: How to Do a Virus Scan?

You won’t have to be a seasoned pro to be able to run a virus scan. macOS has several built-in scanning features, and you can (and should) use them all to detect and eliminate virus threats. Join us, and let’s take a quick look at how this works on the Mac systems. We’ve got step-by-step
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