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Comodo Hijack Cleaner Review

Like any person who is reading this using a web browser, you are exposed to some risks related to browser hijacking. You might not know it, but hidden threats are probably affecting your device at the very moment.  Here is a simple and affordable solution that will protect you while browsing without slowing down your
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Best Identity Theft Protection

ID fraud should never be taken lightly. These days, it’s one of the fastest-growing concerns, and without proper identity theft protection, you can never be truly safe. In this guide, you’ll find a list of the best tools available on the market right now. Overall, we’ve collected ten ID protection and monitoring services. Join us,
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IdentityForce Review

A popular service called IdentityForce is one of the leading identity monitoring services in 2021. A modern user faces diverse online threats that can put them out of humor if it deals with their finances. Identity theft is one of such killjoys. The good thing is that as soon as a new digital issue occurs,
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What is Ransomware and How to Remove it?

What is Ransomware? Without exaggeration, ransomware is a disaster. To some extent, it is worse than any virus. You can heal your device if it gets infected by a Trojan, for example. But there is hardly anything you can do to rescue your folders affected by ransomware. It will encrypt them. You will know that
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Best Firewall Products for Windows: Top-8 Solutions

When it comes to online protection, having a reliable antivirus is vital. A useful addition to antivirus software is a firewall, which is commonly described as a virtual shield that stops all types of cyber attacks before they reach your computer. When combined with modern one of the best antimalware software, a firewall provides protection from unauthorized
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Adult Site Data Breach: 7 TB of Personal Information Leaked

Quarantine influenced billions of people across the planet, leaving them alone with the question: what to do when you can only see the four walls and a balcony at best. The Internet has become a real salvation for humankind. Users work and learn online, escape boredom with books, movies, TV series – and adult sites,
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How to Get Rid of Malware From Windows 10

Malicious programs or malware can considerably affect your device’s performance and delete some essential files. If you detected the issue, you should react fast so that there are no massive adverse outcomes. Today, one can use some robust antivirus software to tackle a problem and forget about malware. Being infected with a virus or getting
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2019 Windows Anti-Malware Market Share Report

In the most recent report, OPSWAT shared a list of the leading antimalware software and vendors. This company is known for collecting data and sharing it with the public. They’ve been doing it for more than five years. According to the October 2019 report, Symantec and ESET are the leaders of the race, while McAfee
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Best Antivirus Software with VPNs – Which is the Best One?

In 2020, antivirus software is no longer capable of protecting a user’s privacy. If you want to turn into a digital shadow and keep prying eyes from monitoring your online activity, a Virtual Private Network is a must. By routing your traffic through encrypted tunnels, VPNs make it impossible for third parties to take “sneak
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