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1337x: Definition and Removal

1337x.to torrent index website is a source that is available today and provides magnet links. Many people use it to download files and content. Still, it provides significant threats for users due to redirections to suspicious websites and potential malware installation. We designed a guide on how to fix the issues if you happened to
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What’s CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker is a notorious malware that poses severe threats to companies that specialize in data processing. Its first attack was recorded in September of 2013. The target of the attack was computers using Windows operating systems. According to records, the attacks did not occur up until the end of May in 2014. From this period,
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What is FMovies, Is it Safe?

Out there online, there are many places to watch content. Some of them treat their users as customers, so you will have to pay for their services or at least get authorized at the site. Other ones may treat you more like a good to sell: the primary purpose of their existence is not giving
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Cybercrime in 2019: Statistics, Trends, and the Biggest Breaches

Computers, phones, tablets, and even homes – they’re all connected to the Internet these days. It takes less than a second to go online and become a part of the global network. The World Wide Web (AKA the WWW) was created 30 years ago – in 1989, and currently, it “holds” 2+ billion websites. Now,
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What Is Spoofing? All You Need to Know to Stay Safe

To put it in simple words, spoofing is when a cybercriminal tricks the user into believing that he/she is communicating with a trusted source. Spoofing is mostly used to obtain personal data, re-direct traffic, and even infect the victim’s device with malware. Hackers spread malicious files through attachments and links. It’s not rare for them
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The Most Hacked Passwords in the World: Come Up With the Strong Password

Our cultural life moves into virtual space, as well as many business operations. We no longer go to the bank, but go to the bank’s website or app on a mobile phone. We do not go to the store, but order goods on the local websites or abroad. One unreliable password can cause many problems.
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How to Uninstall TotalAV: User’s Guide

TotalAV is a decent antivirus that can protect you from most threats online. But you may still have reasons to uninstall it. Maybe you don’t like something about it or perhaps have simply found a better solution for your personal needs. But no matter what the reasons are, we are here to help. So in
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Trend Micro Password Manager Review

Many users today use passwords that are easy to crack, use the same passwords for different accounts, write them down in a notebook or create text files with passwords and store them on desktop, laptop or mobile devices, where they are easy to find. The reason is very simple — logins and passwords are difficult
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PC Matic Patch Management and Driver Updater Review

PC Matic antivirus is one of the leading products on the market that gained its popularity due to optimization tools. Specifically, the American antivirus offers such options as Patch Management and Driver Updater. PC Matic proved to be a powerful software that can boost the performance of your system in a few clicks and offers
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