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Emsisoft Emergency Kit Review

Overview Is there a second chance for already infected PC? Can you get the control back? We have an answer. Emsisoft Emergency Kit has its name for a good reason – it is indeed an immediate aid if your PC was exposed to threats. It is a swiss knife of software, being a portable and
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What is Ransomware and How to Remove it?

What is Ransomware? Without exaggeration, ransomware is a disaster. To some extent, it is worse than any virus. You can heal your device if it gets infected by a Trojan, for example. But there is hardly anything you can do to rescue your folders affected by ransomware. It will encrypt them. You will know that
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Best Antivirus Software with VPNs – Which is the Best One?

In 2020, antivirus software is no longer capable of protecting a user’s privacy. If you want to turn into a digital shadow and keep prying eyes from monitoring your online activity, a Virtual Private Network is a must. By routing your traffic through encrypted tunnels, VPNs make it impossible for third parties to take “sneak
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Cryptolocker Ransomware: What It Is and How to Avoid It?

Cryptolocker is a notorious example of the trojan malware that hijacks users files and further demand them to pay a ransom in exchange for a password. Its first mentions date to 2014, when the coordinated attack on more than 500,000 users took place. In 2020, cryptolocker ransomware is not wide distribution anymore. Still, the danger
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How to Disable AVG: Step-by-Step Guide

AVG antivirus is a convenient and useful tool that protects your computer from numerous cyber threats – hacker attacks, viruses, and malware. However, for various reasons, one day you may want to switch it off temporarily or permanently. For example, the antivirus app may block a harmless program that you need to download or conflicts
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AVG Cleaner Review: Is It Worth Trying?

AVG Cleaner is a useful free utility from the developers of the popular AVG antivirus. It finds and removes all types of junk and temporary files in the system and boosts the overall performance of the device. No matter how intensively you use your smartphone, tablet or laptop: at some point, it begins to work
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Taking Cialis on a daily basis

To date, such a property of Cialis is widely known as the fact that this medicine can be recommended to patients to take on a daily basis, as well as on a regular basis, that is, two, three or four times a week. Given the duration of action, many urologists choose Cialis 20 mg and
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