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Overall Score:
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Which is better Antivirus: Malwarebytes vs Spybot in 2020?

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Last Customer Reviews: Malwarebytes vs Spybot

Took 3 hours and didn't even get halfway through. Had to disable it with task manager and now it's not doing anything. Can't rate 0 stars so 1 will have to do.
I noticed this - I have full powered SSD WinX, good gfx card, fast PC, lots of ram (64gb).... But when Malwarebytes is started - system is slown down for maybe 30-40% (!). When I right-click on icon bottom right and DISABLE IT - immediately system speeds up to nearly normal. Just one more thing - disabling iCloudPhotos app (for iPhone) - also takes too much HD and CPU...
Richard C Morris
When Norton failed to protect me from a nasty virus that virtually wrecked my PC, It was suggested that Malwarebytes was capable of fixing the problem. So I downloaded the free version, and by the time it was finished it had found and quarantined multiple viruses, and my PC ran great! Now I run free MSE , good for basic coverage, and Malwarebytes Premium for the nasty new stuff always showing up. it has never let me down, even on a computer that is connecting to websites and using servers world wide. Plus it doesn't use excessive HD space, my machine runs top speed all the time even when scanning, 40 bucks a year for premium is well worth it, but I recommend you use it with MicroSoft Essentials.
Ricky Turner
So I got this in 2018, it did remove some spyware, but not all. Well last week I kept trying to play fallout 4 and was getting really bad frame rates. Did everything trying to fix it. Finally I went into thr game, and when it began to lag as usual, I brought up task maskmanager. The only item even remotely showing that it was using the disk was avast. Disk usage was at 100% but avast was using only 0.4mb. Weird I know. So I brought it up to see what it was doing, and it was in silent mode so as to not interfere with gaming. But then it popped a warning that some programs were slowing my machine. Opened that and only 3 things showed. Adobe reader, steam and spybot, that had the biggest bar of the 3. So I went back to task manager, still claimed spybot was using nothing. But I ended task on both its processes anyways, and bam! Disk usage dropped from 100% to just 7%. This program became the very thing it claimed to combat, and was being underhanded in hiding the fact that it was using 93% of the disk! I will never use this ever again
Jonathan Casillas
The same thing happened to me but I uninstalled it and everything went back to normal.
john Bragg
free spybot is all i have used in the last decade. every couple of weeks, my computer gets slow. i run a scan w. spybot. My computer then runs like a new computer. i don't know what i'd do w.o. it. Malware bytes never finds ANYTHING. Malwarebytes is totally useless. I send spybot $20 a year just because i am grateful.

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