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Trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious software — today they are the most widespread and greatest information threats according to numerous studies. Luckily there are many antiviruses to protect us from such harmful invasions. However, it the creators of malicious software are constantly improving their skills, inventing new ways of harming computers and their owners. 230,000 new malware samples are launched daily. The good news is security systems developers do not lag behind and release more and more sophisticated and powerful programs for protecting various devices and Kaspersky is at the top of this list.

Product Highlights

  • Support for Linux platforms and the latest versions of Microsoft Windows
  • System resources optimized usage
  • Support for HSM systems
  • Protection of cluster servers and terminal servers
  • Certification of VMware Ready
  • Support of NSS file system
  • Software high productiveness
  • Strengthen protection from new harmful programs
  • Real-time antivirus security
  • Active infections healing
  • File storage regular scanning
  • Critical system zones’ scanning
  • Infected workstations isolation
  • Reserving of data storage before disinfection or removal
  • Centralized installation, control and updates
  • Selection of installation and methods of management
  • Flexible and fast scanning system
  • Extensive reports about web protection status

Kaspersky security system

Kaspersky antivirus – the latest solution from Kaspersky Lab, that provides the most comprehensive protection of data on any device. Experts assign the highest marks to Kaspersky Anti-Virus, that determines this software as the most effective and reliable security solution. Without doubts, KasperskyInternet Security offers the most effective solutions to combat threats that can harm any computer. This software package is suitable for installation on three workstations. It guarantees the highest level of security for any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, mobile systems Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS. The program will allow making secure payments on the network, as well as work with trusted programs through appropriate monitoring functions. In addition, the owners of Kaspersky Total Security have the ability to monitor outgoing traffic and get reliable security while surfing in unprotected networks. This antivirus allows blocking history tracking and does not allow sites to acquire user’s personal information. But before going into further details, let’s take a look at what features Kaspersky has to offer in general.


Money back Guarantee
Real-time Antivirus
Manual Virus Scanning
USB Virus Scan
Registry Startup Scan
Auto Virus Scanning
Scheduled scan
Email Protection
Chat/IM Protection
Adware Prevention
Easy of use5/5
Personal Firewall
Parental Controls
Gamer Mode
VPN Service
Smartphone Optimizer
Device Tune-up
Safe browser
Live Help
Phone support
Email support
Ticket support

Best for…

With all the features in mind, Kaspersky download is reasonable for:

  • Individual consumers
  • Users of PC
  • Users who need basic computer security
  • Android devices

Pros & Cons

If you wonder whether Kaspersky really is that great, take a closer look at all the thing it is good at, and all the drawbacks we can single out.

the most well-known and popular defensive program of nowadays’;
excellent results at independent antivirus laboratories;
high level of protection of the PC from malicious or virus programs;
fast full system scanning;
simple and clear program design;
numerous of additional tools;
in comparing with other competing programs the most of the viruses are entered into the Kaspersky antivirus registry a week earlier;
antivirus runs at a sufficiently high speed;
ability to check reliability of any Internet site using a special module for monitoring Internet links;
instantaneous scanning of PC or downloadable program;
presence of components such as Anti-Spam, Anti-Banner, which block any unwanted content, and the system of parental control;
Kaspersky Windows 10 compatibility;
immediate reaction to emergence of new threats;
operational data about websites’ publication;
the best indicator in the amateur test of protection against phishing;
Kaspersky tdsskiller (free and effective utility for detecting and removing rootkits and malware);
frequent updating of databases;
heuristic analyzer for tracking previously unknown viruses;
detailed reporting of Kaspersky antivirus actions;
virtual keyboard for entering Internet passwords;
the implementation of a secure environment, through which suspicious programs can be launched without risk to damage to the system.
high price of the program, as well as a relatively high cost of maintenance;
a large amount of PC RAM is required for installation of the program, which significantly reduces its productivity;
a full scan of the PC not allow working simultaneously with other programs at the same time, which is associated with a high PC load;
during updating of the databases, the system is rebooting and PC can freeze;
blocking of normal files that the program takes as a virus.

Such an impressive number of advantage make Kaspersky login reasonable and worthy thing to do.

Reliability and security

Kaspersky Detailed ReportKaspersky is a comprehensive protection against all types of malicious software. It works constantly, checking all files accessed by the operating system in real time. Complexity of protection is provided by four modules:

  • file antivirus (checks all opened, launched and saved files);
  • a mail antivirus (monitors all incoming and outgoing messages);
  • web antivirus (protects against malicious scripts on web pages);
  • proactive protection (provides detection of still unknown viruses).

Kaspersky review gives a chance to know how effective the downloading of this useful security system will be for any user of any device.

This program is the most reliable system for protecting any device. It has many functions that guarantee the complete security of any device from any malicious interference. Kaspersky review shows there are a lot of functions that provide the highest level of security and confirm flawless reliability of this protection system.

Ease of use

Kaspersky InstallationKaspersky antivirus can be installed easily, although installation can take about 20 minutes. Then the user has to go through a simple procedure of questionnaire filling out, specifying the country and accept the terms of the license agreement, all this takes no more than 2 minutes.

Kaspersky won’t affect the operation of the computer too much. Although a full scan should take about an hour, it will last less than scanning with other competing programs, and the user will be able to use their computer without experiencing significant slowdowns. Therefore, comparing Kaspersky vs Avast there are no doubts the first one is better to choose.

As for the Kaspersky control panel, it is really easy to use even without help of Kaspersky internet security review. In addition, the users can instantly determine if their system is protected or if there is a real threat.

Package features

Kaspersky Pricing PlansKaspersky virus removal tool has a huge number of options that provide an extensive protection of any type of data at any PC or other device. Kaspersky antivirus review provides the list of them:

Cyber-attacks prevention

A number of proactive methods to combat cyber-attacks, including the protection of public folders and other data from extortion programs, program behavior analysis, automatic protection against exploits (AEP), and many others.

Flexible control of each workplace

Automatic control of programs with dynamic whitelists and the Prohibition by default mode significantly reduces the risk of zero-day attacks.

Protecting sensitive data

Reliable but inconspicuous encryption ensures the security of confidential data during storage and transfer, on PC and portable devices.

Parental control

This component will protect children from unwanted content, which may harm their mental state and prevent their visiting of resources that can be a threat to the system and private data.

Parents can set a time limit for working on computers, using programs and the Internet, set up a filter of sites available for transition, monitor contacts and correspondence of individual PC users.

Secure payments

Kaspersky Lab created Secure Payments. The information on which the user’s finances depend will be saved. The program checks domains and servers to find out their legality, checks addresses on the base of trusted sites, specifies certificates of authenticity.

Virtual strongbox

Kaspersky RebootCreates a well-protected disk space, with which each user can work through the conductor, as with a regular removable disk. User choose its location, the size of the storage and the password. It is required to choose the maximum size of the strongbox carefully, as since then it won’t be possible to expand it and the only way is to create another one.

Secure Wi-Fi connection

Fences against scammers who have the opportunity to get the data through the use of unprotected Wi-Fi networks.

Full deletion of files

The service is designed to delete something without the possibility of recovery.

Controlling access to the webcam

Kaspersky Total Security provides additional security for the privacy of users by blocking unauthorized program connection to the web camera.

Password Manager

A module that will be appreciated by people who constantly work with PCs, tablet devices, smartphones and have many accounts and passwords. This will make it easier to work with accounts and passwords. Once the user enters the address of the site on which the account is registered, the application will remember the password and afterwards, no matter what kind of device is used to enter the site, it will be automatically generated without requiring login and password.

Encryption of data

There is the possibility of encryption for the data of the highest value, which will protect documents from being used by outsiders.

Due to all these functions, Kaspersky internet security download will be the best solution for any device user.

Support and Customer Service

Kaspersky Notification CenterTechnical support specialists are ready to come to the rescue at any time. Users of licensed Kaspersky total security download receive hourly database updates, can download updates for installed products for free and contact technical support.

Technical support includes:
  • consulting to solve problems related to the use of Kaspersky Lab products;
  • providing advice on Kaspersky products functionality;
  • help to change the key file in case it was damaged.

Bottom line

Kaspersky Lab is one of the most respected companies in the cyber defense industry, trusted by 400M+ users. This Antivirus is 100% efficient in terms of catching both common viruses and zero-day attacks. It can be used on a variety of devices, so whether you download Kaspersky for Mac, Kaspersky Android, or its classic Windows client, you will get solid and stable protection. A great thing is you can even get a free version of the software, so you do not have to pay a cent to get the core protection.  Still, with malware threats getting more and more advances, you will probably want to get a full Kaspersky package for ultimate protection. Kaspersky Lab suggests a variety of packages that differ by the number of functions, so you will definitely find the one to your liking that will cover all your devices security needs. The most pleasant part is that packages come at really reasonable prices.

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Herbert Moran
Herbert Moran
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

Everything is fine with Kaspersky. The only thing is that it often blocks games that I play. I torrented a couple of games and they are flagged as dangerous. I’m certain that they are clean, but the antivirus till flags them.

Does its job well
Blocks games that I play

We recommend you to inspect flagged files carefully. While Kaspersky does block some third-party applications, you should not ignore its warnings regarding suspicious files. Especially, if you got them from untrusted sources like torrents.

John Hambrick
John Hambrick
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

The program is surely one of the best on the Internet. I want to note that their firewall is very easy to use and effective.

Great firewall
Rather expensive
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

Where can I get this program? Can I test it? Does Kaspersky free antivirus exist?


Hello, James!
You can find a Kaspersky internet security download link on our website. You will also receive a special partner discount.

Kenneth Mitchell
Kenneth Mitchell
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

What I like about Kaspersky is that their heuristic analysis is very impressive. It finds viruses that are not listed in databases. I had a lot of fishy files on my PC, but only Kaspersky removed them as dangerous.

Robert Magee
Robert Magee
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

It’s very expensive. Probably the most expensive program out there. However, I’ve only heard good things about it.

Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

I’ve been a loyal customer of the Kaspersky lab for more than a decade. My old systems running Windows 95 had Kaspersky. It has always been slow. Everyone complained about it. No one complained about the results.

Alfred Gutierrez
Alfred Gutierrez
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

This is one of the best antiviruses that I’ve used in my life. I had Avira, Norton, and many others. Kaspersky antivirus is still the best. If only it demanded less system resources!

Donna Kraig
Donna Kraig
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

The program is very demanding towards the PC. I installed the app and could barely do anything but watch the scanning process unfold. I dunno whether I even need such a resource intense program on my PC. Can I make it less “burdening”?


Hello, Donna!
Kaspersky has always been infamous for creating antivirus solutions that put pressure on systems. Their scanner performs better than anything on the market. Sadly, it comes at a price of PC performance. We suggest you conduct the first scanning and do it regularly when you don’t need to use your laptop. Leave for the night to finish the scanning. Only the first scanning is very long.

Kelly Tidwell
Kelly Tidwell
Features :
Support :
Value for money :
Ease of use :

I personally do not know much about antiviruses. My boss said that it is the best. After reading the review, I think that I’m going to try it on my personal laptop.