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Today, we conduct too many activities online.  Following this, it’ s vital to protect your online presence. The best way to protect your PC or any device you work with is to install the antivirus software. There is a wide range of the antivirus programs in the market. You need to know which one is the best for your need. Some antivirus software is great for iOS or Android. Other software is more relevant for Windows. In this article we will try to identify the best antivirus for Windows 10 that would also be suitable for Windows 2018.

Best antivirus for Windows

Our team has investigated pros and cons for a bunch of solutions in order to find the best antivirus for Windows 10. Before moving to that list, we would like to highlight some issues that may occur if your PC is not protected.

Hackers can come from anywhere, and the most dangerous place for your online activity is a public Wi-Fi. For example, your device can connect to a random network, when you even don’t know about it. Consequently, hackers can gain access to your personal information.

If you ask yourself ‘do I need antivirus for Windows 10?’, the answer is definitely ‘Yes’. Even if you have already installed the best antivirus for Windows 7 or the best antivirus for Windows 8, more ‘updated’ viruses can crush your new Windows 10.

What is the best antivirus for Windows 10?

Some say, that that downloading Window Defender provides enough protection. However, we believe that you still need to have an updated antivirus. Various independent tests proved that Windows Defender provides with the basic protection. Hackers who want to hit as many PCs as possible know how to avoid Window Defender.

To get you fully protected we’ve tested some of the  free antivirus for Windows 10 availabe nowadays. They list of top playes Is very similar to those that offer  free antivirus for Windows 7. If you want a full set of protection, we recommendin choosing a paid version. It has more advanced features and a full set of protection tools. It also offers up-to-date protection that is updated for recent threats.

Here is the list of the best Antivirus Software for Windows 10.


BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2018

This antivirus software for Windows is one of the top players in the industry. BitDefender is the best antivirus for Windows 7, 8, 9 and for Windows 10. In comparison with its competitors, BitDefender is quite expensive and costs $39.99 per month. However, you will definitely pay for a great quality. This antivirus is one of the most reliable and accurate engines in the market. The main disadvantage is that BitDefender works only on one device. As a result, it will be quite costly if you want it to protect all your devices.

With this antivirus for Windows 10, you will get a full set of protection. It blocks all possible access to malicious websites. Thanks to a secure browser, all your financial transactions are safe. There is also a password manager that  auto-completes credit card details. It alerts every time there is a danger coming from the web and blocks any access to such sites. This antivirus software requires more resources from your PC than the average antivirus software. Also, it may interfere with other software installed on your PC. But, anyway, this antivirus offers a great performance and excellent detection rate.

If you want to include more features like parental control, firewall, antispam, and more advanced features, purchase the Total Security 2018 edition. It covers up to five devices, including Mac, and Android and iOS (in the nearest future).


ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2018 Edition

This antivirus is similar to BitDefender, and is also one of the best antivirus for Windows 10.  ESET NOD32 is more focused on basic malware protection and lacks some extra features. This antivirus offers a full set of a basic malware protection, including exploit protection, anti-ransomware layer, blocking malicious websites, and preventing attacks thanks to PowerShell and malicious scripts.

Thanks to a Device Control module limits, this antivirus also drastically reduces any possible infection comes from other devices, especially from external USB drives. It controls optical storage media, external hard drives, devices connected via Bluetooth and FireWire.

Despite these undoubted advantages, there are some limitations as well. ESET NOD32’s feature list is not that diverse. There is no password manager, no firewall, no vulnerability scanner, and no file shredder. In general, antivirus software providers cover all of these features. For example, BitDefender offers an extra package that includes all these advanced features.

Also, ESEN NOD32’s interface is not very intuitive and is difficult to use for beginners. But, on the other hand, its design simple design will save your device’s performance.

If you choose an annual 1 device plan the price per month is $39.99. And annual 3 device plan would cost $59.99.


F-Secure Antivirus SAFE

F-Secure antivirus for Windows 10, is another good option for the. We’ve stumbled upon this solution for the first time when we were trying to find the best antivirus for Windows 7. F-Secure Antivirus SAFE is feature rich and includes all necessary antivirus tools for a great performance and high level of protection. The main pitfall is price, which is slightly higher than the average.

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE is one of the top antivirus for Windows 10 and contains all necessary tools that antivirus software should have. It offers a high level of protection for your banking information while shopping online. And, apart from most antivirus software, F-Secure antivirus software for Windows has a device finder feature. This tool helps you track your lost mobile devices. What is even better, you can remotely lock or delete all the information contained in your portable gadgets. This antivirus offers a great protection, and generates more false positives comparing with its competitors.

This antivirus has excellent performance and well-designed, user-friendly interface. F-Secure is easy to use and has minimal impact on the performance devices you use. Troubleshooting is easy allowing you to solve your issues in a few clicks.

As was mentioned, the price is above the average: $69.99 for an annual plan, allowing you to use up to 3 devices and $89.99 per year to protect 5 devices.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018

This is one of the World’s famous antivirus software. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 works only with Windows. Kaspersky is probably the best antivirus software for Windows 10, as well as the best antivirus for Windows 7, or any other versions.

The main focus of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 is basic protection. It includes web filtering, blocking malware URLs, and detection of any possible viruses coming from search engines. This antivirus detects, removes and alerts about any possible viruses or threats. Kaspersky is one of the top antivirus software that provides great basic protection for Windows users. Consensus of antivirus software experts mark Kaspersky as top-rated antivirus software for Windows 10 and one of the best antivirus software for Windows 7.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 is reliable, easy to use, has well-designed, and user-friendly interface. Also, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 is a good choice for beginners. There are different on-screen instructions that can help you resolve any issue you have.

In summary, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 is a good option for those who use Windows and need a high level of basic malware protection. This is definitely one of the best antivirus for Windows 10. The price is also very affordable: only $29.99 for an annual plan enabling you to use up to 3 devices. You can save some extra dollars by signing up to a two year plan for $59.99.


Panda Antivirus Pro

We believe that Panda Antivirus Pro also deserves to be on the list of the top antivirus for Windows 10. It offers a real-time malware detection, URL filter, and block any suspicious websites. Panda Antivirus Pro also has a speedy cloud-based scanning. Thanks to its two-way firewall you can be sure that your device is secure. Its application control panel easily detects what runs on your PC and what makes this antivirus stands out from others – it blocks new viruses. This is a great point for the antivirus for Windows 10. There are also some advanced features you won’t find in other antivirus software for Windows  like confidential data entry thanks to a virtual keyboard. And, there is no risk of getting a random virus, thanks to a bootable USB rescue disc tool.

Panda Antivirus Pro offers everything we expect from Windows antivirus software along with smooth performance. However, some users claim that that there are limitations with a firewall.

The price is quite high: $41.99 annual plan including up to 3 devices and $55.99 annual plan for up to 5 devices.


Norton AntiVirus Basic 2018

Last but not least, Norton AntiVirus Basic 2018 is one of the best antivirus software for Windows10. It also protects from any suspicious sites, and offers a wide range of advanced options and updates. This antivirus software stands out for extremely strong malware protection. Thanks to in handy URL blocker, your device is kept away from any harmed website or file that you may upload.

We would like to draw attention to some limitations with Norton’s browser extension. In some cases, Chrome extension doesn’t work and crushes for no reason.

Norton AntiVirus Basic 2018 is still one of the best antivirus for Windows, and definitely one of the best antivirus software for Windows 7, or any other Windows version.

Norton’s price is way below competition: $14.99 for the annual plan. The price is low to compare with its competitors. But the quality is as high enough.

This list of the top-rated antivirus software is not complete. Depending on your purpose, there are different antivirus software solutions. If you want to get the best free antivirus for Windows 7, you can also check Avast antivirus. You even can get a free Avast antivirus for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Antivirus Security

Bottom Line

Nowadays, we use the Internet in every aspect of our life. The demand for protection has drastically increased. The market offers a huge number of the antivirus software and, it’s really easy to get lost in this diversity. Not all antivirus software perfectly matches each device and OS. So, before making your choice, pay attention to features included. If you are going to install an antivirus for Windows 2018, first check whether it is compatible with Windows.

In our review, we tried to cover the best antivirus for windows 10. We also recommend considering those solutions If you’re looking for the best antivirus for Windows 7, or the best antivirus for Windows 8.