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Adware Prevention
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  • Bitdefender comes with many outstanding features, including anti-fishing/fraud, autopilot, work/movie/game modes, Wi-Fi SA (Security Advisor), online banking protection (it’s awesome), safe browsing, and more.
  • This is, by far, one of the most intuitive and simple antiviruses to date. Download Bitdefender and see for yourself!
  • Reliability is well above average, which is a huge plus.
  • As for the value of the Bitdefender Antivirus, it’s pretty great.
  • There’s a 30-day free trial – standard for most antiviruses today. Plus, if you “Like” their product on the official Facebook page, you’ll get the 90-day free trial.


Welcome to our Bitdefender review, ladies, and gentlemen! As one of the most popular antivirus packages on the market right now, it certainly deserves our attention. The protection algorithms are strong and will protect your sensitive data from the viruses. Pricing is also fair, and it’s probably the biggest selling point of this product. Features like Search Advisor and anti-ransomware turn it into a must-have. The company is well-known and recognized around the globe. They’ve been building their reputation for many years, and you’ll learn from other Bitdefender reviews that they’ve got a lot of “heat.”

There are several options to choose from, and they all are on par with the leaders. This antivirus is great both for protecting your home and business devices. Furthermore, it comes with more cool features in the standard package than most of its rivals. Now, while Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is only compatible with the Windows operating systems, the “rooster” includes enough products that work on Android and iOS. For example, Bitdefender Total Security can be installed on Android and Mac devices. Furthermore, there’s also the free version that beats the competition in a fair fight. We’ll get to the Bitdefender Free review and talk about it in more details later.

Best For

  • People that want to protect their home devices and keep them from harm’s way. For those users, this antivirus is a solid pick.
  • Business owners and big-time corporations that value their security and privacy.
  • Owners of personal computers running on operating systems by Microsoft. The Bitdefender Windows 10 version works great and never breaks down.

The List Of Pros And Cons

Kaspersky Lab might be a bigger name in the industry. However, Bitdefender Antivirus is just as great at battling viruses. Independent third-party companies always put it high up on their lists. Currently, Bitdefender has approximately five million loyal users across the globe. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons to see whether the Bitdefender products will melt your heart or not:

Malware protection deserves our highest praise. They didn’t get all those rewards out of the blue!
This is one of the fastest antiviruses in the world. It won’t turn your computer into a turtle.
Online support is superb and can be accessed 24/7. We’ll talk more about this in our Bitdefender review.
The free version is an industry leader.
This antivirus comes with many features that you won’t find in most of the other offers on the market.
If you’re looking for even better protection, the advanced security packages will do that for you.
The standard Bitdefender only works on a personal computer with the Microsoft OS.
Full scans are great and thorough; however, they are pretty slow.
The price is a bit steep.

Reliability And Security

Ok, let’s move on with our Bitdefender review and check how reliable and secure it is. During multiple tests, the Bitdefender products proved that they have what it takes to beat the hackers. AV-Comparatives and AV-Test are probably the best companies when it comes to thorough and impartial verdicts. And they both gave this antivirus a big “thumbs up.” The Bitdefender Threat Scanner is a very powerful tool. It’s constantly on the lookout and keeps the nasty viruses at bay. Many famous antiviruses have this scanner built in – yep, it’s that good. Furthermore, any suspicious activity is reported to the company’s Center lab for analysis/fix.

Every single available package does a fantastic job of protecting your device from outside threats. Bitdefender Antivirus 2017 is the standard package. If you want more fancy features and the ability to run it on many devices, go with the high-level packages. At the same time, please keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t automatically mean better protection. In most cases, all you get is several features like spam blocking and parental control. So, make your choice wisely! As you’ll soon learn from this Bitdefender review, there are enough packages to choose from.

Ease Of Use

The Bitdefender download procedure is a piece of cake. Just follow the simple instructions, and the antivirus will be installed on your computer in a matter of minutes. You can give commands to it from the dashboard. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to authorize scans remotely, from the official website (just enter your Bitdefender login and password first). See that huge green “check” on the dashboard? That means your PC is healthy and protected. The Autopilot setting is quite interesting. If you turn it on, the antivirus will assume control and switch between various modes to best suit the current state of things. When it’s off, the user is free to choose between three modes: game, movie, and work.

Wait, there’s another one, and it’s called the “Paranoid mode.” While most of the Bitdefender reviews say that it’s frustrating, I think that it’s pretty…peculiar. Basically, when this mode is on, you’ll be getting alert messages almost every second, which is, of course, quite confusing. Well, that’s exactly why the developers decided to call it that. The truth is – you don’t even have to worry about these settings, because Bitdefender does its job fantastically regardless of which one you choose. The only downside of the main screen is that it’s huge, and you can’t make it smaller.

Package Features – What Does Bitdefender Have To Offer?

Bitdefender 2018 InterfaceAlright, it’s time to finally take a look at the various packages that are currently available:

  1. Bitdefender Free Antivirus. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest free packages on the planet right now. It is quite effective at protecting our computers and works not only on PCs but also Android and iOS systems. So, yes, don’t be afraid to pick Bitdefender for android. Note: if you’ve got some kind of an antivirus already installed on your device, Bitdefender Free won’t allow you to install it as well. In all fairness, the line-up of features that it comes with is more than enough to feel safe. Those include virus scanning/removal, anti-fraud/phishing, and even advanced thread detection. Fact: if it also offered protection for online banking, the paid versions would’ve lost most of their appeal. Ok, that’s it for our Bitdefender Free review. Let’s move on to the other packages.
  2. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. This is the next step. It can be yours for 25.99 dollars. That will give you year-long protection for 3 devices. The available features include the famous password manager, the file shredder, and, of course, the network security advisor.
  3. Bitdefender Internet Security. If you’re craving file encryption, protection for your favorite webcam, and a 2-way firewall, this is your best pick. Note: a 2-way firewall is capable of detecting and preventing outbound connections from causing harm to your computer. All you have to do is pay 51.99 bucks (the deal is the same: 1-year-long protection for 3 devices).
  4. Bitdefender Total Security. Let’s proceed with our Bitdefender review and see what this package has to offer. For only 58.49 dollars, it will become the Guardian Angel of five devices for 12 full months. Plus, it features a handy tracker that will help you find your lost notebook. The system optimizer is also a nice little thing. With this one, you’ll get the Bitdefender Android, Mac and iOS licenses.
  5. Bitdefender Family Pack. This product is perfect for families that have multiple devices at home. It gives the user an unlimited license for the Total Security package. The price is $119.99, but right now you can get it for only $69.98. Again, you’ll be provided with the Bitdefender Android, iOS, Mac, and, naturally, Win licenses.
  6. Bitdefender Box 2. This is the most expensive package to date (249.99 bucks). It’s the most advanced offer from the company. As a part of the top-notch security appliance, you’ll get Total Security for one full year.
  7. Bitdefender Mobile Security. For only 14.99 dollars, you get a VPN, a super-friendly interface, privacy of your account, and other amazing features for a mobile device. According to AV-Test, this package boasts 100% detection. Alright, we’re done with the Bitdefender reviews. As you can see, there’s enough to choose from.

Comparing Bitdefender To Avast

Many experts out there like to compare Bitdefender vs Avast. Which product is better?

  • Avast offers more features and means of control when it comes to security.
  • As for the overall level of protection, both antiviruses perform exceptionally.
  • Bitdefender doesn’t need nearly as many resources to run as most rivals on the market. Avast is pretty great but still not as effective.
  • Avast has a super-simple and friendly interface. Bitdefender is slightly more complicated.
  • The high-level packages by Bitdefender are considerably cheaper than what Avast has in its line-up.

So, who wins in this Avast vs Bitdefender battle? Only you know the answer to that!

Bitdefender Support And Customer Service

Are you one of those folks that like to solve problems on their own? Then the extensive collection of helpful articles on this company’s official website will come in handy. The user forum is also great, especially given the fact that it’s where 5+ million people hang out. If you’re a paying customer, you’ll get 24/7 access to the CC (Customer Care) team; call, send emails or join the chat. For the business owners, Bitdefender offers 3 levels of support, including Standard, Premium, and – yep, you guessed it – Professional. Obviously, if you choose the highest level you’ll get more support services.

Bottom Line

Bitdefender is like one of the Avengers when it comes to protecting your computer: it’s strong, agile and can take on millions of viruses on its own without even breaking a sweat. Furthermore, thanks to the genius team of technicians, it doesn’t put nearly as much pressure on your device as you might expect. If you’re just a single person that wants to protect his/her data, go with Antivirus Plus. Internet Security provides parental control and other cool features. And finally, the big, happy families should go with Total Security and the Family Pack. That way, they’ll be able to protect every single device in the house.

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